12 Jun

Your ultimate guide for bathroom renovation ideas

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Are you ready to renovate your bathroom? You must be pretty excited but do you know without proper planning accurately it can be both expensive and exhausting?

In this article, we will share the basics that you must keep in mind while doing bathroom renovations in Newcastle, without wasting money.

Essential things to keep in mind while renovating your bathroom

1. Prepare a wish list

Have a good look at the existing bathroom and evaluate it – what are the things that you do not like and what are the ones you would like to see in your bathroom.

List out all the features you have always dreamt of seeing in your bathroom. Prioritize them according to must-haves and good-to-haves, and give a number to them according to your requirement.

Browse through magazines, websites, and model kitchens to take stock of all the things that inspire you. It helps a lot and ensures that you do not miss out on anything. An exhaustive list is beneficial and convenient for you and the designer and saves unnecessary and last moment expenditures.

2. Fix your budget

Whether you want to make some cosmetic changes to your custom bathroom vanities or want to start from scratch, if you wish to invest a lot or make it within a strict budget, it is crucial to know how much you are ready to spend.

Prepare an exhaustive list and get an average price idea of each change that you want to make – starting from the flooring to the minutest thing like the wallpapers, and faucets.  Also keep aside a contingency fund for the unexpected scenarios, such as water or fungus problems. 

3. Speak to an expert

Even if you do not want to go for a large-scale makeover or want to make some small changes, do not remodel yourself. Keep aside some funds for consultation and discuss your plans with a professional.

An expert can help you get the best out of the budget that you have. Once they know your budget, they can provide suggestions accordingly – what you can buy, how and where you can save and where you must spend extra for the best solutions. With their experience, you can avoid expensive mistakes.

Plumbing and electrical tasks also must be done by professionals only as they are very risky and sensitive.

Take quotations for more than one professional and work together with the one who understands your need to best.

4. Layout – what to do and when

Whatever might be the size and design of your bathroom, always keep in mind that the moment you touch the layout or make any changes to the plumbing or flooring, the expenses will increase. So, if you have a limited budget, you should avoid changing the layout. Do not change the location of the bathtub or the drain or the toilets.

However, it is crucial to keep in mind that if electrical or plumbing systems are obsolete, then you should change from scratch to have long term benefit.

Imagine you renovate your walls with new paints and wallpapers, and within a year you find damps? Won’t it incur extra cost and make all your previous efforts go in vain?

Even your flooring must be changed if it obsolete and poses technical challenges.

5. Make reasonable choices

When you are planning to invest so much of time and effort behind your bathroom renovation, also keep in mind its resale value and its durability after five years. However, if you have no plan of selling your house for the next seven to ten years, you can design it entirely as per your taste.

Also, when you are purchasing your fixtures and other materials for the bathroom, consider a few retaiers and try to get the best deal from them; you can later use this money for other necessities.

Changing simple things like cabinets, lights, and faucets can give a contemporary look to your bathroom.

Happy renovation!

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