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16 Dec

Window Cleaning: Traditional Method Vs Pure Water Technology


Whether it’s your office or home, windows should be kept clean and crystal clear to improve the overall appearance and beauty of the building. Clean windows allow natural sunlight to enter without any obstruction. Many companies provide the best quality cleaning services to ensure customer satisfaction. With the introduction of various cleaning methods in the market, it is easier to choose the type you want for your windows.

Traditional Method

The traditional window cleaning is done only by skilled technicians with high experience. The experts use the state of the art tools and make your windows look new and shiny. While using this method, the ladders are placed safely to access windows to a certain height. The cleaning task is performed with the utmost care and attention to ensure that your windows are cleaned without causing any damage. The technicians use all the safety gears to avoid mishaps or accidents.

Benefits of traditional window cleaning method

Although the present law of Health & Safety does not support professionals using a ladder to clean windows in the majority of cases. However, window cleaning is considered to be the safest up to the first floor with all precautionary measures. If you have a property with windows on either ground or first floor, the traditional window cleaning method works perfectly. You can expect no spots and clean finish always.

  1. When you use the traditional window cleaning method, the internal windows get cleaned effectively.
  2. There will be no trace of trailing hoses
  3. You cannot find any scuff marks through the brush tip of UPVC.
  4. The window sills can be wiped clean using hands and they can be left to dry.
  5. It gives the best finishing every time.

Pure Water Technology

This type of method involves usage of water that is totally pure and the water is pumped using a telescopic pole that comes with an inbuilt brush head. The window cleaners in Brisbane Southside use the telescopic pole to clean windows that are tough to access with a minimum height of around 6 floors. Few examples of such windows include the one situated above vehicles, landscaping and flower beds. There are no chemicals used here which makes it eco-friendly and effective window cleaning system.

The window cleaners are specialists in every aspect related to window cleaning as they use the advanced method in water pole and water purification cleaning systems. The experts are well trained to use all the buildings safely and in a controlled way.

Benefits of Pure Water or Water Fed Pole System

This method offers several benefits to people when compared to traditional methods. When it comes to water fed pole system, it works with a low pressure to make it more eco-friendly. This method does not cause any disturbance to people and there is not much of a mess. Some of the benefits have been briefly discussed below.

Better cleaning

The pure water cleaning system uses nylon brushes to clean the glass and frames carefully. The method involves either a combination of bristles or foam to offer the service based on the requirement of your home or office building.

Minimal damage and cleaner windows

As the cleaning method does not use ladders, there is less chance of any kind of damage to the window frame and building. Professional cleaners use pure water which makes the glass spot free without any smears and streaks.

Saves time

There is a whole lot of time saved here as the cleaning tasks can be performed quickly. As the system does not use ladders, there is no room for accidents while you are working on it. 

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