9 Jun

Window Cleaning Tools that Every Household should have


Windows cleaning, just like any other cleaning regime, asks for patience and readily available tools for quick and quaint work. You have to have all the quality materials to have quality cleaning work on the windows. Now, many things can be used for an ordinary cleaning job, but professional window cleaning, you need certain gears and gadgets. If you too are aiming for an annual window cleaning program, then this is worth a read for you. Read on to know the window cleaning tools every household should have. Don’t forget to also find expert tips for cleaning

  • Cleaning Solution

Windows are not cleaned every day in the house and you got to accept that! No matter how hard we try we can’t change the fact that Window Cleaning is not something being carried out daily. And when you are cleaning such a place, you need strong and effective cleaning solutions. These solutions include detergent liquids, alcoholic cleansing agents, lemon-based cleaners, or vinegar-based cleaning solutions. All these solutions are acidic and hence are very effective on stubborn stains that cannot be removed by ordinary water sprays. 

  • Squeegee

Usually, springe and scrubs are used to clean any glass surface and they are mostly adequate. However, when it comes to window cleaning program that occurs only twice or thrice in a year, you need a squeegee to get rid of the stain marks and water drop marks. Squeegee was initially a professional’s secret since they were only available to people carrying out window cleaning in Geelong, but now these squeegees are available in every supermarket due to their utility. Squeegees can be used to clean glass surfaces, car windshields, windows, and even TV displays for that matter.  When dealing with a delicate surface that has tints on it, it is better to use squeegee rather than paper.

  • Microfiber Cloth 

It is not necessary that you always need a squeegee to get rid of window marks, some dusting particles can be cleaned using a microfiber, too. Window cleaning is a task that should be done regularly, and if you are doing it regularly then you should know that microfiber cloths are very effective to clean dry dust particles. Such clothes are easily available at your nearby convenience stores. Also, these microfiber cloths are not so costly. Some housewives clean their house glasses with old clothes they used to wear. This is not good for your glasses because once it gets a rough cut due to that hard cloth of denim, it will never shine like it used to. Hence, always keep a habit of buying a dozen of microfiber clothes whenever you go for essentials shopping.     

Window cleaning can be fun provided you use the right tools for it.    

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