10 Apr

Why Your Should Opt For Water Fed Poles For Window Cleaning Needs


Water-fed poles form one of the most trustworthy & versatile tools for a professional window cleaner. Both commercial & residential window cleaners proceed to use it to clean high-rise windows that regular hand-held equipment cannot reach. 

With the help of water-fed poles, professional window cleaners can efficiently, accurately, and safely clean high-rise windows from the ground, rather than having to use a cradle. To help you learn more about these tools, we have formulated the significant benefits of using water-fed poles for cleaning windows effectively.

Merits Of Using Water Fed Poles For Cleaning Windows

  • The Efficiency

It should be understood that the water-fed pole system is extremely versatile, which means that window cleaners can use it for multiple numbers of tasks. What this means is that – window cleaners don’t have to use different equipment for different tasks. The water-fed poles act as the go-to solution for effectively cleaning building windows up to seven stories. 

Thus, window cleaners have to spend less time & money on gathering & using different tools. The work can be completed within a limited time without much fuss. 

  • The Safety

When it comes to cleaning windows of commercial buildings, ladders are often not used because the overall size of these buildings being large. Moments like these are when water-fed poles seem like the much safer as well as the more efficient option. 

With the help of water-fed poles & mop bucket, window cleaners can easily clean glass panes that fall beyond their natural reach, without having to use any ladder or cradle. So, window cleaners can effortlessly perform their job without needing to require any fall-arrest safety equipment. 

  • The Environment Friendliness

Unless you’re not aware, most water-fed poles tend to use pure water for their cleaning needs. Pure water means natural water that is treated to remove any dissolved impurities. Since the process doesn’t involve the use of detergents or harsh chemicals, the process turns out to be an environmentally friendly option for window cleaners. 

Apart from the above-mentioned advantage, water-fed poles also act as great water savers. As a result, the overall water usage during the cleaning process will be less, which means less water will be wasted. Moreover, even if the wastewater comes in contact with any nearby plants or animals, no damage will be inflicted. 

  • The Finish

Since pure water is used for the window cleaning procedure via water-fed poles, window cleaners can achieve a better finish on the windows. As the water will have no dissolved impurities, no residue will be left from the detergents or chemicals. 

Moreover, the brush at the end of the water-fed pole will loosen up any contaminant on the window glass while the pure water will wash it away. No close-up washing or scrubbing is required for the same. 

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