16 Aug

Why should you have a home inspection?

Category:Home Maintenance

It can be very expensive to have your Edmonton home inspected. The short answer is no unless you are prepared to face a whole host of unexpected problems. You can always ask the seller any questions and they will be honest. Most sellers won’t be able or willing to answer your questions. The home inspection can be used to negotiate a better price for the house. While some problems might not be obvious, knowing the condition of your home can save you a lot of money.

Love is Blind

Many first-time homebuyers fall in love with their house. It is great when a home buyer discovers what they are looking for. They can ignore or minimize any concerns that a home inspector in Edmonton AB may have. Although there is no perfect home, there are always reasons to be concerned and call out any defects.

Download the Report

The summary is what most people read. These are safety concerns and major defects. The home inspection report also includes tips and information about system life expectancy. Minor problems can quickly become major issues. This is my best tip for any client.

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