5 Oct

The Best Ways To Fix Carpet Stains & Odours

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Even though cleaning a carpet might seem like an easy process, it’s certainly much more time consuming especially if the cleaned up stain appear again. Apart from those pesky stains, you also need to deal with pungent odours. There will be times when even after a regular deep cleaning procedure, the carpet stains & odours will remain. So, how do you make yourself convinced that the cleaning process you’re following is 100 per cent foolproof?

To help you with the procedure as mentioned above, we are listing out some of the best ways to perform the same – in collaboration with carpet cleaning in Leeds

For Cleaning New Stains (Stains That Are Still Wet)

  • Take a cloth or toilet paper and try to soak up as much liquid as you can. You can also use paper towels or newspapers for the same. If possible, you can also put a newspaper under the soiled carpet area. Keep the carpet in such a condition for at least thirty minutes to one hour.

    Once done, you’ll need to change the newspapers or toilet paper and continue the same process. Such a method will extract every bit of liquid from the stained area.
  • After the soaking process is completed, you’ll need to rinse the affected area with clean water and then put it to dry for some time. 

For Stains That Are Already Set

  • First, you’ll need to purchase an aftermarket carpet cleaner from your local hardware store. Ensure that the cleaner you’re buying is not harsh and is generously mild for the carpet fibres.
  • Once you’re done cleaning the stains, you’ll need to purchase an odour neutraliser further, so that you can make your carpet smell good. In case you’re not planning to buy an odour neutraliser, then you can proceed with using baking soda & vinegar.

Cautions To Keep In Mind When Cleaning Carpets

  • Proceed to use a carpet cleaner only if you’re sure that the stain has dried up. Otherwise, using a carpet cleaner on a wet stain will further aggravate the matter because the stain will continue to spread more.
  • If you’re deciding to remove pet or child urine odours, then ensure that you don’t use steam cleaners for the same. This is because the heat from the steam will permanently set the stain onto the carpet fabrics, and the entire procedure will be useless.
  • Please avoid the use of ammonia or products that have ammonia as an ingredient in them, on your carpet fibres. Ammonia is a potent oxidising agent and will leave your carpet fabrics damaged.
  • In case neither of the solutions work for you, then the best option would be to replace that specific carpet area with a new one. 

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