24 Nov

Why Using Ceiling Battens Can Turn Out To Be The Best Decision Ever?

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Gone are the days when people only relied on the floorings and interior items for innovative decoration. The new age of ceilings offers a new coat of fashion statement and the customers are loving it. Be it the overall look of the house or the reinforced strength, ceiling battens are creating havoc and this style upgrade is here to stay. Read on to know the top reasons for choosing ceiling battens in your next renovation project.

  • Cracking and Levelling

One of the most common problems of plasterboards is that they crackdown when a heavy object is hanged with their support, on the contrary, using a Rondo Ceiling Batten can help you get a better grip and it does not let the plasterboard get affected by the weight. Another reason for plasterboard cracking is the direct attachment o lining sheets to the wood. Also, timber sheets that are unleveled and uneven can be a mess when you want to use them on the ceiling, so using a ceiling batten after the timber sheets can help you achieve an even surface.

  • Noise Cancellation

Wooden floorings and ceiling pieces made up of timber products look exquisite but the noise they create after getting aged becomes a headache for the homeowner. The enthusiasm you showed while installing the timber products in the house fades away when they get old and let out crackling noises every time you use them. As a fix, Ceiling Battens affixed with Rondo clips can help reduce the impact of the crackling noise coming from the timber surfaces and offer you sheer peace of mind. Make sure you strictly use clips to affix the battens because they are a popular practice for noise cancellation.

  • Maintenance Matters

Your time and money invested in house renovation must be rewarded, a product that calls for maintenance right after a few months of installation is no good product. Celling battens not only hold the wooden floors and ceiling with a good grip but also requires little to no maintenance. This is ideal and desirable for you because it is not that you have all the time in the world to keep calling for maintenance now and then. You can avail of ceiling battens from any leading building materials supplies near you. Make sure you choose the best ceiling battens since initial higher costs may affect the after-sales services. After all, you work hard and hustle for a house that offers serenity.

Finding the right solution in the form of ceiling battens is not a difficult process, all you need is a team of good installers and workers. Once you install the ceiling battens, you will see the amount of reduction in maintenance chores. In the end, all that matters is the quality you get in return for the investment.     

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