11 Jan

Top Tips to Install Composite Decking Faster!

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If you have landed on this page, then you probably have researched all about the best materials for your deck. And indeed, a composite panel is an excellent choice for this part of your home. Not only is it a good budget-friendly option, but there are various other benefits of opting for composite panels for your exterior deck construction as well. But yes, its benefits totally depend upon the best quality of the material used and the perfection with which it is installed in your house.

How to Install Composite Decking Perfectly?

A deck can be your favorite refreshing corner in the house. But imagine if isn’t built properly! You’ll feel most uncomfortable here then. That’s why to be sure to pay a lot of attention to installing its strong base and firm roof. And the best material you could opt for a firm deck is the composite plank. Now just read about some tips to ensure that you install them perfectly in your deck.

  • Opt for experts to do the job —The best way to ensure that your composite panels are laid perfectly in the deck is to call the experts for the job. Top Deck Carpentry does composite decking in Perth perfectly. They are experienced and experts in this work and will ensure that your deck is the most comfortable and attractive space in your home.
  • Prepare your support and frame well — Your support and frame is an essential part of your deck. Of course, your composite panels are truly going to add life and charm to your deck, but without preparing the frame, you can’t move forward with the entire structure.
  • Keep in mind the proper distance between the panels — It’s extremely important to lay the composite panels in a proper manner with equal distance between them. And if you want to ensure that the distance is proper and you aren’t wasting any time in arranging and rearranging the panels for this measurement, mark the distance with chalk.
  • Allow some airflow in the decking — When you’re laying the composite panels in your deck, remember to keep some space for the air to flow in the deck. This will prevent the moisture absorption in the composite panels and they won’t increase in size because of this air in this space.
  • Always keep the fasteners hidden — The fasteners are definitely required for your composite panels to stay firm in place in your deck. But these shouldn’t be visible to spoil the look of this space. Use a good method to keep the fasteners hidden from view inside the surface area of the deck floor.
  • Get custom cut and designed composite panels — Another rapid technique to install composite panels is to get them customized and pre-designed by the manufacturers. Then you just need to place them at proper places and connect them with the right hinges and screws.

Well, these steps make installing composite panels a breeze. And if all the procedures are carried out perfectly, then you’ll see your deck and these composite panels intact for years in your home. 

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