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9 Nov

Tips For Hiring The Best Window Cleaning Company


Sparkling clean windows are the perfect things to flaunt for a house owner. It lets the natural sunlight to enter the house, brightens up the living space and makes your home look pleasant. But seeking clean windows is not an easy task. It requires regular maintenance, rigorous cleaning as well as hiring a good window cleaning company

If you are overwhelmed with the hiring of a window cleaner, then the following tips will help you out in the process. Appointing a random one from the internet search will let you land in a state of mess. Always go for better, affordable companies who have excellent customer service and well-trained staff to do your job in a fantastic manner. 

  • The company should have a professional approach 

A professional attitude is not limited to a ‘yes, sir’ mannerisms, but they should do the job effectively and efficiently without expressing any disinterest. If you are not sure about their professionalism at the first moment, here are certain things to consider: 

  1. They wear uniforms during work and do not indulge in personal talks on cell-phones. 
  2. They have professional-looking business cards and follow an etiquette while talking to you. 
  3. They have a company logo and offer written quotes and contracts. 
  4. They reply to all of your queries instantly. 
  • Check for the employee and safety standards adopted by the company 

It is crucial for a company to formulate and implement safety and employee standards. Since window cleaning is a risky business, adopting stringent safety measures is essential. For instance, the staff needs to undergo safety training as they have to climb on ladders and stay there for long periods. Similarly, they should be provided with safety equipment too, such as gloves and ropes while performing the job. 

Similarly, the company should also screen its employees in a strict manner to avoid the recruitment of people with criminal records.

  • Seek references and don’t forget the research 

Research is the start and end of the process. If you are not aware of any references, then online research is the only key available to you. You will have to check their ratings, reviews, and credentials without fail. In the same parlance, if you have recommendations, your research does not step. You should again probe into the credentials of the said company and discuss it with the staff beforehand. 

The internet is a great tool for seeking references, checking the authenticity and doing deep research. It is tempting to have a list of window cleaning companies. But we would suggest you shortlist only three of them to avoid chaos. 

  • Check the quality standards 

If you have shortlisted a professional cleaner based on recommendations, then you can check the quality of their previous work. Also, you are supposed to evaluate the quality of the work done on your premises. If there are some defects, you can get the finishing of the same immediately. Your windows ought to be crystal clear. 

Moreover, you have to discuss the maintenance check-ups offered by them in the package. Don’t forget to grab a deal along with regular servicing. Your windows cant remains stain-free all the year; they need maintenance by the window cleaning experts. 

  • Examine the equipment they are using

We have accepted the truth that window cleaning is not a DIY project, and we need professional assistance. You ought to know what kind of tools your cleaner is using in the process. If it is too basic, then you do not have to hire them. Go for someone who has power washers, extensions, advanced cleaners, squeegee for cleaning windows. The squeegee should not be worn out, but a new one with advanced features. 

Similarly, they should have specialized cleaning solutions to remove tough stains. Don’t hire cleaners who use simple solutions for even toughest stains. They are not professional ones. 

So, if you are keeping in mind all the above points while hiring a window cleaner, then we are sure you will make the wisest decision. Don’t fall into marketing traps; deal with them wisely. The staff needs to be polite to you. 

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