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Three harsh major of ignoring gutter cleaning!


You have heard a lot about scheduling a gutter cleaning session after each new season. The reason is, each passing season leaves behind some damages and residues in your gutters – for example — spring leaves a lot of fresh leaves, flower petals, debris, etc. in your gutters, while autumn gives way to dry leaves, and snowfall in winter leaves lots of waste which actually enters your gutters with the rains, and then get frozen in there. All these can be very messy for the next season. And if you keep on cluttering and piling up the issue, there would be a huge mess to clear later, or even some complicated situation to tackle with the passage of time.

Often with our busy schedules to manage, we tend to forget cleaning each part of our house. Gutters are the most ignored ones in the list. They tend to be assumed as an exterior part. We assume that if gutter shows issues, those can be dealt with outside the house itself, and the damage or the clutter won’t harm the interiors of the home, or the health and wellbeing of the dwellers. This can be called the understatement of the year!

Three Main Risks You Are Taking when You Aren’T Paying Attention to Your Overflowing Gutters!

Overflowing or unkempt gutters can cause problems not only in the exterior of the house, but the damage can reach the interiors too — and believe us when we say it can be a really severe one! Not only your home loses its curb value because of it, but even its aesthetic beauty and structural strength are at stake if you ignore cleaning and maintaining your gutters regularly. We understand it’s a tough and messy job and needs a lot of time too, but gutter cleaning service providers in Newcastle NSW, like Ian’s Property Maintenance, does it exceptionally well and doesn’t tax you much financially for the same too. Read below the risks you have in store if you avoid calling them ASAP for your gutter cleaning:

  1. Damage in the Structure of the House — Clogged gutters do lead to overflowing water from them in no time. This, if ignored for long, can create cracks in your ceilings. There can be visible marks of water entering in your home from the roof through the walls. And we all know water tends to erode cement and soil very quickly, and you can actually feel the structure of your home getting weaker day by day due to the overflowing water from the gutter. Also, the water from the roof can even flood the house during extreme rainfall. And if you have wood in your building’s structure, you can well imagine how rapidly it can get affected because of this continuous invasion of water. And apart from all these, you are also risking the beauty of your paint getting spoilt because of overflowing gutter water.

2. Attack of Pest Infestations and Illness — The water that’s accumulated in your gutter isn’t clean water. And even if it was fresh rainwater, the gutter isn’t clean at all, and eventually, that contaminates the freshwater too. The constant moisture, water and the growing dirt in the area give rise to various kinds of infestation. There can be termites and insects living a happy life in your gutters, who can enter your home through the water seeping in. Also, pests and mosquitoes in still water can cause lots of dangerous diseases like dengue, encephalitis, etc., which can even prove fatal. There can also be a formation of mould on your ceilings and walls because of the constant moisture, which again would steal the beauty and durability of your house, and affect your wellbeing too. And don’t forget the rats that can enter your home through the cracks created by the leaking water, and chew off the electrical wires (which again prove very dangerous for your safety). So, do you realise, with clogged and ignored gutters, you are actually risking your family’s health and wellness largely?!

3. Landscaping Risk — Surely the above listed negative effects on your interior and exterior of your home are enough to get your attention towards cleaning your gutters! But if those aren’t enough, do you even know that your beautiful garden and lawn is under threat because of these overflowing and clogged gutters? Yes, the water overflowing from your gutters can be really dangerous for your plants and can destroy your beautiful greens altogether. This water usually washes away many nutrients from the soil (like, nitrogen, ammonia etc., thereby affecting the pH balance of the soil) which are very essential for stable growth of plants. It can also cause pits in the grass, clog your soil in the garden making it too wet, and destroy your garden altogether, along with making it stinky and messy. Also, your driveway can get cracks, which again would be a risk factor for people walking in and out of the house crossing that area.

If you re-read all the risks you are taking by just delaying a phone call to the gutter cleaning agents, you should have the good sense to act immediately. After all, a clean and well-maintained gutter sound far better than these problems in the house (and in your life too!)!

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