14 Sep

Things People Forget to Do During a House Move

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There are many things you need to organize before you move. It’s not surprising that many people forget the most simple tasks in this house moving process. Find moving services in Auckland, the one can provide you awareness about the things that you’ll may forget

Let others know that you are moving

Although electronic bank statements and bills are more popular these days, there are still occasions when we get mail to our mailbox. You can prevent others from obtaining your sensitive information by setting up temporary mail redirection. This will ensure that your mail is sent to the correct address.

Don’t forget about updating your records by informing regular service providers of your house move. Below is a list of organizations and people you should notify about your move.

  • Banks
  • Providers of insurance
  • Utility companies
  • The government departments, including the electoral and car registration departments, are listed below.
  • Families and friends
  • You may have to cancel your membership at the local gym
  • Schools

Hidden cash

Have a secret spot to stash your emergency cash, or valuables that you want to protect? Don’t forget, before you leave your current home, to return to the place where you stored your valuable items.

Prescriptions and dry cleaning

Take a look at any items you haven’t claimed from local service providers. Are you unable to pick up a prescription from the pharmacy or do you need dry cleaning? These items should be collected before you move day, especially if your plan is to move interstate or further away.

Spare keys

You may have a spare key that is hidden in your garden, under a rock, or you might be keeping it safe with a friend or neighbour. The spare key for your old home won’t be needed again once you move, but you might want to give it to the new tenants.

Items stored in storage areas

Before you move, make sure that all storage areas are cleared out. You should check your garage, garden shed, cabinets, built-in storage, and attic for any items that you may be at risk of losing.

Things taken from the garden

Do you have a collection of pot plants, herbs, or outdoor furniture in your yard? If you plan to move them or give them away, make sure you have all of your pot plants and other outdoor furniture.

Your boxes should be labelled

This may seem obvious, but people often forget to label their boxes when they rush to pack. For ease of unpacking at your new house, label every moving box clearly with a thick marker.

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