25 Mar

The Essential House Cleaning Hacks From Professional Cleaners


Cleaning is something that many people find daunting and not something they enjoy. While you can save time by hiring professional home cleaners, it is still important to do some cleaning yourself. The biggest mistake people make is to pile up all the dirt and wait until the last minute to clean it up. This will increase your workload. It’s much easier to remove stains from carpet than to wait for it to dry. While home cleaning services can be very beneficial, if you don’t have the time to clean your house, these hacks will help make it easier and get you that sparkling house that you love.

Bathroom hacks

  • Add your liquid cleaner to the bottom of your toilet brush This will allow you to keep everything in one place, so you don’t have to clean it all separately. Give the bowl a quick wipe when you need it, it does wonders for removing dirt, grime and other buildup.
  • Get a microfibre cloth to clean glass surfaces Microfiber towels used in office cleaning in Mumbai are very effective in cleaning glass. You can easily clean mirrors, glass windows and other reflective surfaces with just a quick spray. It leaves no streaks and shines perfectly.
  • The steel wool pad This pad will make your shower doors look great. This is because the pad is specifically designed to protect glass and delicate surfaces. It will clean it well and not scratch it. This pad is great for cleaning hard-to-clean surfaces, leaving them looking shiny and new.

Kitchen Hacks

  • Clean your microwave with a warm water bowl You can clean the microwave with a soft sponge or paper towel after steam is created.
  • You can use baby oil to clean stainless steel Just like the best home cleaners, you can also achieve sparkling stainless steel. Simply add a little baby oil to a sponge and then wipe the item or hundi in the opposite direction. Make sure to get into any creases or dirt. Oil helps to loosen dirt and water, making it easier for you to clean and wash the next time.
  • Cream of tartar to shine plates Most people throw away their china and other plates when they see a greyish scuffmark that is very difficult to remove. Scientists have proven that cream of tartar can completely remove scuff marks. All you have to do is mix it with some water, rub it in the marks, then wash it and dry it.

Hacks for your Home

  • How to clean hardwood floors The key to hardwood floor cleaning at home is to use a microfibre mop. Microfibre is a non-toxic cleaner that kills germs. Any liquid cleaners can leave marks on your floors.
  • Dust collection using a lint roll Used by office cleaners in Mumbai to collect dust from many surfaces, including sofas, curtains and lampshades.
  • Use a pillowcase To clean your ceiling fans quickly and effectively, use a pillowcase. Simply place a pillowcase over the fan blade, and then pull the cover down to the end. For an even more effective result, you can use a water-and-vinegar solution.

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