15 Dec

Terrible Mistakes of Roof Cleaning!


You couldn’t think of a well maintained house without a clean roof. And we are very much sure that you are giving your utmost attention and time in this direction. But are you always trying to clean your roof on your own? Then obviously you are committing some mistakes which may eventually ruin the perfect finish of your roof or lead to problems in its structure. Roof cleaning can actually be a very complex procedure which has to be done by proper methods without which there can be drastic results.

Some roof cleaning mistakes that you always make!

It is natural for amateurs like you to commit some terrible mistakes while cleaning the roof. That is why it is best recommended to call professionals from Above & Beyond Cleaning Services for roof cleaning in Auckland. They have been providing the best results with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee since 1997 and that is why would be the best people to tackle this difficult job for you. But in case if you aren’t calling these experts, then you are bound to commit the below listed mistakes:

  • Extreme pressure while washing your roof — Yes, we agree that pressure washing is the easiest solution to get cleaner roofs. But if you don’t know the right amount of pressure to be utilised, you’re bound to use more of it which eventually leads to weakening of the foundation of your roof. Sometimes, extreme water pressure also leads to leaks in the shingles which is of course a huge issue in itself.
  • Using harsh chemicals — If you are trying to use bleach or some harsh chemicals to clean your roof easily, then remember, that it may also damage the colour and finish of your roof. No doubt the algae or mould on it would get cleaned instantly, but the effect on your curb appeal would certainly be detrimental.
  • Treating algae and mould equally — Algae gets cleaned quite easily and doesn’t require much effort. But if you try to clean the mould formation in your roof in the same way, then again you are committing a big mistake. Mould remains outside and on the inside of your roof as well. So, if you are using similar methods of cleaning it (like the algae), it would regrow within a very short period of time and your efforts get almost wasted.
  • Trying to be a superman— Do you know that the professionals who clean your roofs are properly trained for this purpose? Cleaning a roof requires you to climb on top of it and sometimes even on a ladder. So, if you are trying to be a hero without any experience or skill-set, then you obviously are going to get a cracked bone or broken leg soon.

These are pretty common mistakes which you commit almost each time you try to clean your roof yourself. Again, we are asking you to not to try these kinds of stunts or actions on your own. You aren’t just damaging your roof but also harming yourself in this manner. Remember, the experts are there for a reason. Let them do the job in the best way for you.

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