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Stump Removal: How to Remove A Stump Without a Grinder

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A¬†commercial tree service can remove your tree and take out any stumps you have for an additional fee. You can also hire another company to do the work. If you’ve felled the tree yourself, the task of removing it from the ground is yours. It can be just as difficult as the actual tree removal. Although this is possible, it can be costly to hire a company to bring a large machine to grind the stump to make sawdust. For large stumps or ones in difficult locations, best tree stump removal in auckland can run up to $800. A stump grinder can be rented for $150-$400 daily. However, it isn’t easy to get the tool on site and use it safely. There are many ways to accomplish this task without hiring a contractor or purchasing large equipment.

What you’ll need

Equipment / Tools

Manual Method

  • Digging bar
  • Bow saws
  • Shove
  • Axe
  • Steel-toed work boots
  • Work gloves
  • Mattock

Chemical Method

  • Use large bits to drill
  • Chain saw
  • Plastic tarp

Burning Method

  • Drill large bits and drill


Chemical Method

  • High-nitrogen garden fertilizer or potassium-nitrate tree stump removal granules
  • Garden mulch

Method of burning

  • Stump Out chemical
  • Kerosene

How to remove a tree stump

You can remove a tree stump at any time. However, leaving the stump in place for more than a year or two may be easier than removing a fresh stump that is still green. However, you should start chemical removal immediately after the tree is removed.

Before you get started

Good old-fashioned muscle work can remove small to medium-sized stumps. Larger stumps may require more work, so it is best to use a chain attached to the back of your pickup to drag it out of the ground. Chemical methods are best for larger stumps. A mattock is an excellent tool for manual stump removal. It has both a wide end for digging and a narrow end for cutting. Although everyone has their favourite tools, it is important to have various digging and cutting tools. It is a good idea to hire a few helpers to speed up the process of digging larger stumps.

There is an easier but slower way to get rid of a tree stump if you aren’t up for the effort. Wood will eventually decay and rot. It is possible to speed this up by keeping the stump moist and adding nitrogen (in the form of high-nitrogen fertilizer) or potassium nitrate stump removal granules. It is not an immediate process. A stump may disappear completely in months or even a whole year. But it is very easy.

A tree stump removal product is available in a powdered version called “Stump-Out”. It is designed to remove wood fibre from stumps and make them porous. 1 Once porous, it absorbs kerosene easily. The porous wood will burn quickly if it is soaked in kerosene. This is another cost-effective and simple way to remove a stump from a tree if you are comfortable using flame and kerosene.

Large tree stumps can be hard to dispose of. Contact your local waste disposal authority for more information on large garden waste.


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