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Structural failure and damage: Causes and signs

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Like many things in life, our houses, too, face damages. These could be caused by a number of reasons. What is more dangerous than damages in the house is not noticing them at the right time. More often than not, people end up not seeing the early signs of significant problems like structural damage or failure. In this article, we will discuss structural damage and failure and its causes and signs.  

What is structural damage and failure? 

Structural damage is any damage that causes harm to your house’s core component: load-bearing walls and the roof. Load-bearing walls are crucial to the structure of the house. Any damage to them can lead to the structural failure of the house or a collapsing building. The causes of this kind of damage can include moisture, strong winds, leaky pipes, and more. 

What causes structural damage and failure?

Structural damage and failure can be caused by a number of things. Some of the causes of structural damage include, 

  • Foundation couldn’t hold it: Inadequate foundation, created without supervision, cannot hold the weight of the building.
  • Cracks in the concrete panel: Cracked walls caused by a poor design choice can indicate and cause structural failure.
  • Moisture and water: Lack of proper water diversion can cause moisture to seep in and rot your house’s structure.
  • Lack of fire safety standard: Lack of fire safety standard in construction can make the house combustible in the event of a fire breakout.
  • Lack of proper maintenance: Not maintaining different components of the house can invite damage to the structure and foundation.
  • Termite and pest infestation: Without a pre-treatment for termites can lead to termite infestation and subsequent rot to the building.

Signs of structural damage and failure

Structural damages often accompany signs that many fail to notice until it’s too late. These signs include, 

  • Slanted, lopsided, or saggy roof
  • Cracked driveway or yard
  • Doors and windows that won’t open properly
  • Water or moisture damage (stains or spots on the ceiling or walls)
  • Mould

How can home inspectors help you?

A home inspection helps reveal the signs of structural damage that you may have missed or ignored. When you hire a home inspector in Calgary AB, you can get a thorough report on the condition of your house. This can help you prevent any further damage to the house’s structure with timely repairs, saving you thousands of dollars. 


Structural damage starts small, showing subtle signs. However, when ignored, these small signs can cause significant problems to your house, causing structural failure. Timely action can help prevent costly damages and save your house. With a home inspector, you can easily figure out if the structure and foundation of your property are compromised or not and make necessary repairs.

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