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Some Impressive Facts About Plasterboard That You Should Definitely Know!

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Whether it is for your ceilings or creating an additional partition in your home or just as a wall to hide any eyesore in your home, you’ve certainly heard a lot about plasterboards. This is a very versatile board that can be used in various purposes on any property. But we find it more in residential areas. Do you know why? Well, because plasterboard is the easiest to install and a very budget-friendly option for quick and fabulous home transformations. But do you know there are some really very interesting things about plasterboard that you aren’t yet aware of!

Rarely known facts about plasterboards!

Normally whenever you find the need to add plasterboard to your home, you simply call the experts in gib stopping in Auckland from Total Property Maintenance, and they quickly come to provide their services in this matter. Apart from it, they even help you in washing the exteriors of your home or waterproofing it and offer many such services. So far, so good! But aren’t you curious to know about this light in weight but a fantastic product that helps you in so many ways? Well, if you are curious, simply read on.

  • Plasterboards are around for more than a century — It is really fascinating to know that the material which has so many varied qualities has been in existence for centuries. It’s been used actively in home constructions since the 18th century and builders actually loved this sandwiched gypsum with paper around and tried to incorporate this material in as many ways in the building construction as they could.
  • Plasterboard is fire resistant — Plasterboards consist of gypsum as the main component. And this material is highly fire-resistant. So, you can rest assured that when you are installing plasterboards in your home, it will resist fire until the temperature is really very high. And even in such a condition, since there’s a small amount of crystalline water in this gypsum, it would provide some sprinkles of vapor to keep the damage minimal.
  • The gypsum in plasterboard is versatile in every sense of the term — Most of you assume that the gypsum of the plasterboard is used only in building constructions. But you cannot be more wrong. It is actually a very versatile fine powder that can be utilized in various substances like pencils, stationery, toiletry products, sculptures, etc.
  • Don’t get confused if you see plasterboards in many names — Well apparently you call it plasterboard. But don’t you get confused when you hear the various names of these multipurpose materials in the different parts of the world. Call it the benefit of it being a versatile product! People call plasterboards the drywall, gypsum board, gib stopping, Sheetrock, wallboard, etc.
  • Plasterboards can be easily recycled — Now this is the best quality of the plasterboards which most of you aren’t aware of. Plasterboard is made up of naturally occurring components that can be recycled very easily by just being crushed to fine powder and processing again.

We are sure you certainly weren’t aware of all these awesome qualities and properties of plasterboards. Now that you are aware, probably you shall appreciate them more.  

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