25 Mar

Secret Cleaning Tips From The Pros


You can avoid some cleaning headaches. These are some of the ways to avoid cleaning headaches. Cleaning tips for professionals Take care of everything, from soap scum and floor scuffs. These tips will help you avoid future problems if you come across a stain you cannot get rid of. They’ll Keep your home clean With half the effort Volume 0%

Get rid of bathroom soap scum

You can’t rub soap off tiles in showers or tubs because it has a nasty habit of leaving a sticky film. Wait for the surface to dry and then use a 4-inch plastic putty knife to scrape the scum off. Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to clean grout lines or textured surfaces. Stop using soap that is made from real soap and switch to synthetic soap. Chemically, soap in liquid or gel forms, as well as some soap bars (Zest and Ivory), can be considered synthetic soaps. They are less likely to leave a hard film in your tub, sink, or shower.

Baby Wipes in the Shop

A box of unscented baby wiping wipes can be kept in your workshop so you don’t have to make wet rags for every project. These wipes are great for removing glue beads and removing glue from corners of cabinets. These are also perfect for wiping out small drips after a painting job. There’s no need to sand away or scrape out hardened glue. You can use baby wipes for more powerful cleaning. Leave a few baby wiping cloths out for a while, then soak them in mineral spirits. Use the dry wipes for wood finishing jobs or to clean metal surfaces.

Flashlight Glass Finder

While cleaning up broken glass can be a pain, it is nothing compared to a glass fragment in your foot. Turn off your overhead lights and get a flashlight. Use the flashlight to scan the floor at a low angle. The shards will glow, making even the smallest pieces stand out.

Clear Up Coffee Rings

You should have given your guests a coaster, but you now have a coffee stain at your table. Use a bit of white toothpaste to rub the stain. The stain will be removed just like coffee stains.

Vacuum First, Then Scrub

You may notice that bathroom surfaces become a mess if you use a sponge or rag to wipe them clean. Use the vacuum to make the process simpler. Vacuum all surfaces, including countertops and around the toilet. Continue cleaning with your favorite bathroom cleaner. The best upholstery brush is the soft-bristle .

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