6 Nov

Beware – Your Home Isn’t Safe From Indoor Air Pollutants!

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We all often say, “Home sweet home”! But can you proudly say, “Home safe home”? Your home may be spectacular in interiors with great décor and fabulous furniture. But can you say the same about the air that is inside? Whenever you think of pollution and pollutants, all you can imagine are the factories, industries giving out the heavy black smoke. Well, actually even your home is polluted and you don’t even know about it!

 the Pollutants That Destroy the Air in Your Home and Their Sources!

You can’t keep your home safe if the air inside isn’t pure. But achieving this sounds a little bit impossible. Why? Because each and every part of your home is filled with pollutants and the sources of the same lies within your house itself. Read below about the ways these pollutants enter your home and prove dangerous to you and your family.

  • Carbon monoxide — You just can’t spot carbon monoxide in your home. But it is present in almost every house. It is a colourless, odourless gas that often leads to serious health problems like dizziness, headache, nausea, etc. And do you know what causes it so commonly in your house? Well, it’s the daily cooking you do and even the heaters you use. Practically, getting rid of this pollutant in your home is impossible since you just can’t stop your culinary activities and heating usages. So, installing air purifiers is a good solution for this problem.
  • Radon — Another unhealthy and dangerous gas present in your home is radon! It’s very dangerous as it causes serious lung diseases if you are exposed to it constantly. Well, it mostly enters your home through the cracks and holes in your building’s foundation. You have to call for special radon detecting and removing services if you want to stay safe from it.
  • Nitrogen dioxide — You never imagined, but your daily usage of stoves and electric heaters leads to a rise of nitrogen dioxide in the space. It is very harmful as you can feel the onset of throat infections, bronchitis, asthma and other breathing problems after exposure to it for a certain time. And if you are looking to prevent it, just ensure to use your heaters and other appliances wisely and keep an air purifier at home.
  • Mould formation— There is a common myth that mould is only the dirt on any surface. While actually, mould is a supercritical problem that destroys the air quality of your home. You will feel the signs of skin problems and breathing issues when there is mould in your house. And of course, the common cause of it is the moisture that enters your home secretly. If you intend to prevent mould formation in your home, firstly find and control the source of mould in your place. Ensure you do waterproofing in Auckland by BestSkills on your walls, floor and even roofs when your home’s construction is going on. Their perfect work will ensure that your property stays safe from mould as no moisture enters your house.

Now that you know the list of the most common pollutants in your home and their sources, we hope that you will strive to make your personal heaven safe by taking the necessary precautions listed above. 

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