5 Jul

What Services Should Be Covered In Professional Office Cleaning Tasks?


Office cleaning is important. In most cases, the office may only prefer hiring a commercial cleaning team. There are several cleaning tasks that any professional cleaning service would cover and these tasks are essential to be performed on a daily basis.

So if you need your office cleaned every day you should look around for the best office cleaning in the Vancouver team. When searching, you will come across the best commercial cleaning services. If you are hiring top-notch services, you can only expect the best work quality.

Professional services always follow their fixed cleaning schedule. So, what all tasks are included in a professional package? You should continue reading further to get more familiar with this.

Tasks that should be performed daily

Certain tasks have to be performed by an expert team on a daily basis. The tasks may begin from the reception area. A good team will always ensure that the reception desk is clean and well maintained

They also focus on trash cans, hard floors, entrance points, furniture, upholstery, internal glass and mats. If there are rugs and carpets they will also be cleaned on a daily basis. The floor mats will be dusted on a daily basis.

Break room cleaning

Break rooms are accessed by the staff and visitors regularly the room has to be well maintained and hygiene. This is important to maintain a very tidy environment. A good cleaning service will always ensure the break room is well maintained.

They will sanitize the sink. If you have a fridge then it will be sanitized and cleaned every day. The floor in the break room will be sanitized every day. Counters and tables will also be cleaned and well maintained.


Any office will have a restroom. The facility is accessed by staff. In some offices, there will be a restroom on every floor. If the restroom is not cleaned every day then it may smell a bad odour. In some offices, the restroom may have to be cleaned two or three times a day.

This is important to prevent the spread of infection. A good team will always ensure that the restroom is washed and sanitized every day. Some offices that have hundreds of visitors every day will often invest more money on cleaning and maintaining restrooms.


Any commercial office cleaning team will always focus on the basic stocks the restroom has to be stocked with toilet rolls. They will also ensure that the kitchen area is stocked with dishwashing detergent.

For floors, the team will ensure that the disinfectant is always stocked. They will ensure that the office premises do not run out of supplies. If you hire a good team you may not have to worry about maintenance. They will ensure that both indoors and outdoors are well maintained.

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