22 Sep

Preventive Maintenance Procedures To Follow For Your Home’s Electrical Panel

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Higher resistance will lead to the production of more heat, which can short-circuit the electrical panel. It has been reported that high resistance is the primary reason for 30 percent of all electrical failures. 

You can easily keep your electrical panels in a clean condition by using a vacuum to suck out all the dirt & dust. Avoid using compressed air cans because the contaminants will get deeply inserted into the crevices of the electrical panel. Furthermore, if you want to prevent any build-up of moisture, keep your indoor humidity within appropriate levels. 

  • Look Out For Loose Connections

Any loose connections inside your electrical panel will be evident if the quality of the metal wires has deteriorated; or if any of the wire has broken from its main terminal. If you want to identify any loose connections, then you have to keep an eye out for the following scenarios:

  1. Red or white wire insulation has turned brown near the electrical connection
  2. Discoloration of a cover face or receptacle
  3. Wire insulation that’s cracked and melted
  4. A receptacle or switch has melted, charred, or falling apart
  • Maintain Proper Records

Keep a proper record system of the work that has been performed on your home’s electrical panel, combined with the relevant test result. In that way, you will be able to obtain a correct understanding of the condition of your home’s electrical panel. Such a process can help in identifying any issues beforehand and could be corrected without any damages. 

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