25 May

Preparing For A House Inspection

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So, you’ve almost sold the house and are waiting for the closing date. But there’s still this hurdle of Inspection, which is important, because frankly, an inspection report can make or break a deal. However, there are some ways you can ensure that the process goes smoothly. 

1. Have a clean and presentable house. This is especially important for areas that you may not visit regularly, like the attic or the basement. Move away stuff that might get in the way, clear out storage or clutter that may hinder accessibility.

2. The inspector will check not just the interior but the exterior as well as the roof. Therefore, you must clear the perimeter. Do not ignore the roof and clear any moss or debris and check for damages or missing tiles. If there is damage, you’ll want to get the necessary repairs.

3. Check for leaks and water damage. Plumbing is an important part of the inspection and it’s better to get the required repairs. Also make sure that the toilets are functioning properly. 

4. Examine the electrical equipment and appliances, Replace any faulty bulbs, switches, or batteries, and see whether all appliances are working at optimal capacity. 

5. Take care of some of the minor issues like clogged drains, cracked windows or torn screens or any recaulking that may be required.

6. Take care of bug problems. This includes a trail of ants or wasp nests. Additionally, check for hazards like mold, asbestos, etc as well as pests like termite if you suspect a problem. 

7. Take additional safety precautions like replacing smoke detectors batteries, CO detectors, and having an accessible fire extinguisher.

8. Repair any faulty doors or cabinets. Check your cabinets to see if the hinges are secure and tight as they can easily become loose over time, which can result in doors that do not close properly. Check each door of the house and if the doors latch into the frame with no issues and whether the doorknobs and locks are functional. Make any repairs required beforehand. 

9. Lastly, Be prepared on the inspection day. Keep all the utilities on, make gates and electrical boxes accessible and leave the required paperwork where it can be easily found by the inspector. Clear out the dishwasher of dishes, the washer, and the dryer of laundry. It’s best to take your pets with you, or at the very least, make sure they are secured. 

House Inspectors are known to be early, so it’s better to be prepared at least an hour or two before the arrival time. Anything serious should already have been taken care of by you, so DON’T WORRY as it is common for the inspectors to find some minor issues here and there. 

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