24 Aug

How professional cleaning companies go about managing and cleaning tiles?


Cleaning tiles and grouts are the types of jobs that can only be performed by a professional team. The DIY task will never offer the best result. If you have a project, then you should only hire the best team. This is important because the job requires a lot of perfection. 

Professionals will guarantee that the tiles can be made to shine like new. Professionals make use of advanced techniques to perform this task. If you hire the best tile cleaning in San Diego team, they will use manual and machine-based techniques.

Professional tile cleaning services will always guarantee the best results in a short time. They may integrate hot steam cleaning, suction and pressurized water cleaning tools. 

Professionals have access to the right tools

If you perform a DIY task, you may have to rent the tools. If renting is not possible then you will have to invest money in purchasing expensive tools. If you are running short on budget, you will have to perform the entire task manually.

But hiring an expert team can be the best solution. You book the services online or on a phone call. They will visit your place. They will also carry their tools with them to your place.

Simple steps followed by professional services

Below is a brief step-by-step process followed by expert tile cleaning services. In general, these steps are common. They will be followed by an expert team.

  • Basic inspection

The first step is to inspect the place. Inspection is generally carried out by the team members who will be performing the cleaning task. The team will inspect all areas that have to be cleaned. Based on the inspection, they will make a selection of the best alkaline base.

The solvent that the team selects will be effective on all types of grimes and grease marks. The solvent that the team uses will not damage the tile. During the inspection, the team will also study the condition of the sub-layer.

  • Brushing

The next step is to make the right selection of the brushing tool and techniques. In any case, the team will make use of pole and manual brushing techniques. Grouts may need manual brushing around the corners.

They also have to make a selection of the right type of brushing tool. If the tile is expensive, the team will never select a hard bristle brush. They will always ensure that the tile does not get damaged.

  • Select right grade brushing machine

If the floor tiles have to be cleaned then it may not be possible manually. The team will have to make use of the brushing machine. The selection may depend on the type of tile that is installed. They will also divide the entire area into smaller portions.

After brushing they will also make use of the water-based sealant compound. This is to ensure the tiles are well protected. 

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