5 Jul

Let’s talk about cleaning walls before painting


Most people who have had their walls painted freshly skip the step of cleaning the wall beforehand. It is a DIY tip that even the most seasoned DIY-ers tend to ignore. However, to get the smooth finish you are expecting from your newly painted wall, you need to wash and clean it thoroughly. Yes, washing the walls is a necessary step. 

 Why should I clean walls before painting?

Modern paints are designed to bond with any surface to ensure less peeling and lasting paint. However, such paints tend to last longer and bond better when the surface is clean. Therefore, it is always advised to clean the wall thoroughly with a sponge, soap, and warm water before hiring the painters. 

Do pro painters clean the walls?

The quick answer is, no. Most painters in Auckland skip the step of painting simply because it’s not their job to do so. They get paid for painting and cleaning the walls is just an extra task that they need not do. As such, when starting painting work in your house, it is best to hire an actual cleaner or clean the walls yourself before the painters arrive. 

When is it okay to skip?

While it is advised that you don’t skip cleaning walls before painting them, you can skip cleaning when: 

  • The walls are clean without any excessive dust
  • The walls have no grease or crayon stains
  • You don’t burn wood in the house
  • No hands touch the walls
  • You have no pets in the house
  • The room is not a bathroom or kitchen
  • When the room has only vertical surfaces (trims and ledges need washing)

The rooms where you can skip cleaning include,

  • Primary bedroom (used by adults and not children)
  • Living room with less activity and recently painted
  • Dedicated dining room (where cooking doesn’t take place)
  • Home office
  • A well-treated family room without any wood-burning fireplace
  • Powder rooms (used only for handwashing and toilet activities)

A point to note here is that, despite the pristine condition of these rooms or lack of excessive stains or dust, it is advised to clean the loose dust before painting.

How to clean the walls?

Follow these steps to clean the walls: 

  • Remove dust bunnies and cobwebs
  • Wipe the baseboard and trimmings with a moistened cloth
  • Vacuum floor areas near the wall
  • Wipe the walls with a sponge damped with mild detergent and water mix, and rinse immediately. 


Your walls add to the overall aesthetics of the house. Therefore, painting them properly, with a smooth finish, is necessary to make a great impression on your visitors and future buyers. Cleaning the walls before the painting work starts is a great way to ensure you get a smooth finish that lasts longer.

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