13 Mar

Know The Main Reasons Behind Electrical Fires

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Electrical fires can be very dangerous and have the ability to burn down a full-fledged house, in case the homeowner is not careful about the same. Thus, for any responsible homeowner out there, knowing and understanding the calculated risks of electrical fires is crucial.

To assist you with the same, we are going to share some of the most common causes that can lead to electrical fires, so that you can use preventive measures beforehand. 

The List Of Common Causes For Electrical Fires

  • Worn-Out Or Outdated Electrical Wires

Professional electricians in Auckland points out that houses that are old and had been constructed many years ago, will have electrical wiring that is totally outdated and worn-out. The bad news is that – outdated electrical wiring is one of the major reasons for the cause of electrical fires in most old-age homes. 

The main reason behind such a problem is that – the electrical wiring will not be able to meet the overall demands of modern technology as well as energy consumption. Outdated electrical wiring will lead to power outages, circuit breaker overloads and other related issues inside your home. 

That’s why we’d highly suggest hiring a qualified electrician for your needs and thereby replace any damaged or outdated wiring right away. 

  • Electrical Outlets That Are Faulty

Sometimes, electrical fires can start inside the switch outlets, especially in the ungrounded ones. Any electrical sparks are likely to catch fire. Even grounded ones can start a fire, which is why you need to check and replace the outlets if any one of them causes any problem. 

Inspecting the outlets regularly is a must for any responsible homeowner. You can detect any issues by looking at the overall wear & tear of the outlet. In case you feel that the outlet needs a serious upgrade or repair, don’t hesitate to call in a professional electrician for your task. 

  • Overloads On Electrical Circuits

There’s no denying that trying to plug too many cords into a single outlet can turn out to be a recipe for disaster. Therefore, you need to simply avoid using single extension cords to power a number of different appliances simultaneously. Such a procedure will directly overload the system and will result in a serious electrical fire.

This is the reason why you should stop relying on extension cords for your task. Instead, try to use multiple outlets for different appliances. If you don’t have enough outlets in your home, then it’s time to create one or two dedicated ones. You just need to hire an electrician and get the job done. 

Lastly, we’d suggest always keep one or two handy fire extinguishers because it’s extremely important to subdue any raging electrical fire quickly before any additional help arrives. 

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