31 May

Important Things You should Know About Quality GIB Plastering Boards

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GIB fixing tasks are done by an expert team. GIB fixing helps in offering elegant looks to your plastered walls and ceiling. This is only true if the job has been done perfectly by an expert team. If the board selection is wrong, then you may never get desired results.

So, you need to look around for the best GIB fixers in Auckland team. You can search for the best GIB fixer services online or in the local area.

If you are hiring the team on a contract basis then you need to be familiar with the material quality and grade.

What are plastering boards?

You have to know the type of board the expert team will use. In general, these boards are sandwiched types. So it means that a single board is made up of two or more layers. The gypsum layer is always present in between the board layers.

This is one thing that will offer the board extra weight. So when buying, you always have to check the number of layers the board has. If you know the exact weight of the board, you will be able to calculate the weight of the gypsum material used.

A good percentage of gypsum material will offer the board extra durability and strength. This is important.

The percentage of water used in the crystals

The boards are completely dry as they make use of quality crystal materials. The water is present in between in the form of water crystals. This factor is important. You will only know the importance of crystals, if you are a technical person then you are aware of the fact.

Water crystals will offer the boards the right level of protection in case of a fire outbreak. If the board has more crystals, then it is more resistant to heat and fire. This is one important factor.

Perfectly insulated

Why do so many people today want to use GIB plastering boards? The reason is simple – the board offers the best insulation. They prevent the penetration of the sound waves. This means that the boards will help in reducing noise pollution indoors.

The other way round is also true. It will cut down the indoors sound and prevent it from escaping outdoors.

Protects indoors environment

Homes that make use of quality GIB plastering boards often maintain consistent temperatures indoors. This is an important aspect and benefit you get when installing quality boards.

The boards will act as a perfect protective shield. It will prevent temperature loss from indoors. So your room is maintaining a consistent temperature if you are using a heating or cooling unit.

These are only a few essential aspects that you should be aware of before you buy plastering boards. Always hire an expert team to make the right selection.

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