26 Jul

Home Maintenance Tips: How To Keep Your Garage Clean & Safe?

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For most homeowners out there, the garage tends to be an extension of their homes and thus offers proper storage space for additional items. But, when you don’t clean your garage properly enough or maintain it well, it can seriously pose various safety & health risks for you and your family. So, how can you make sure that your garage is properly maintained over time?

Thus, in this extensive guide, we’ll be taking a deeper look into the ways through which you can keep your garage clean & safe so that you don’t have to worry anymore about yourself or your loved ones. 

Tips & Tricks To Keep Your Garage Clean & Safe

  • Proceed To Organise & Declutter Your Garage

According to a professional service provider carrying out a home inspection in Edmonton, the best way to eliminate any trip hazard or potential injury is by simply tidying up your garage interiors. Try to be always mindful regarding any item having sharp edges such as loose nails, tools, and shovels. That’s why we suggest wearing gloves while you proceed to clean your garage, especially if you’re not sure whether there are any presence of sharp objects.

When you start your decluttering process, throw away or donate any unused items, and then categorically arrange the items that remain. Don’t forget to create labeled boxes & shelves inside your garage, so that it becomes effortless for you to clean & navigate through the items later on. 

  • Store Any Chemicals Properly

Any type of chemical including paints & lubricants can prove to be dangerous or flammable. So, ensure that you store away any chemical-based product away from the reach of children (and pets) while also preventing issues such as fluid leaks. 

  • Maintaining Your Garage Door

Your garage doors form as the primary barrier between your house and the outside environment, protecting you & your family members not only from external weathering agents but also thieves & burglars. However, with regular wear & tear, your garage door will become less efficient over time. Thus, you have to inspect your garage door for damage to its cables or springs, which may need to be replaced.

Furthermore, you need to clean & lubricate your garage door internals regularly to ensure smooth functioning. 

  • Precautions For Fire Safety

Follow these tips for garage fire safety:

  1. Always keep a separate fire extinguisher inside your garage and keep it easily accessible all the time
  2. Check all electrical cords inside the garage for any damage and replace them as necessary
  3. Avoid the use of extension cords
  4. Avoid the use of improper wattage light bulbs inside your garage
  5. Always keep flammable items away from any heat or electric source
  6. Always install a carbon monoxide detector inside your garage

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