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How to Prepare for a Wind Mitigation Inspection

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The insurance underwriter will require a Wind Mitigation to confirm or deny that a home has wind-resistant features that will allow it to withstand more severe storms.

Wind mitigation in inspection orlando should take between 30 and 60 minutes. An inspector will inspect your home to assess your roof, roof decking and roof to wall connection. Shutters, roof shape, roof permitting and secondary water barriers are also evaluated.

You must understand that your inspector will not decide what credit you will receive. The inspector can only mark the things he can photograph or document. They are not information collectors.

A thorough search is made of all public records to locate and record the last roofing permit. Sometimes, the correct authorities don’t have the records that we need. Files may be damaged, missing, or just not there. One local authority lost all its records in a fire. KEEP YOUR PAPERWORK.

All documents, including permits, should be provided. This includes roofs, windows, doors, shutters, and garage doors.

If you have shutters, your inspector will inspect them. The inspector will need to verify that the shutters have been “rated” (or stamped) for Large Missle Impact and use in the high-velocity hurricane zone (HVHZ). All attics will be required to be inspected by the inspector. This is crucial! This is very important! The inspector won’t be able to see the roof, so he/she cannot photograph it. If that happens, you won’t receive a discount.

Let the inspector know if you have had a wind inspection in the past and provide a copy. This will allow him to help you and the agent who represents you make informed decisions about what is best for your policy and you. The inspector will photograph all 4 sides of your house. Prepare! Are the photos clear of clutter? These photos will be sent to your insurance agent. These photos should prove that you have maintained your home well.

Please call if you have any questions, concerns, or just feel that something is not right. Call! Talk to the inspector about your concerns. Understand that the inspector wants you to have lower insurance rates as much as he does. He will be happy if you have lower insurance rates. To ensure a thorough inspection, you should work with your agent and inspector.

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