23 May

How to Make Your Garage Winter Ready


It’s cold outside, but don’t let that get you down. Get to work on the garage before it gets too cold. It will be easier to locate what you need when you need it if your garage is clean and warm. Garage organizing and winterizing can be broken down into manageable tasks. This simple guide will help you winterize your garage. These ideas help you organize, keep moisture out of your garage, and keep it warm in winter.

Keep Your Garage Clear

A plan is the first step in any project. A week before you begin your garage project, take the time to look around and brainstorm ideas for organizing it. You can buy storage containers, a toolbox or a pegboard, and shelves. You will need large, heavy-duty trash bags and permanent markers to label your containers. Before you clean, make a list.

  • Clear out the space. Clear the space by moving your vehicles.
  • Make your garage your “workshop”.
  • Sort it. Sort through your garage and sort the items into four categories: trash; items to be kept; items that need to be fixed; items to donate. This article This guide will provide more detailed steps to organize your garage for winter.
  • Give your items a place to call home. You can organize items for storage. All tools, equipment, and car wash supplies should be grouped. You should make sure they are stored properly and off the ground.
  • Get rid of all the junk. Clean out the garage and get rid of all trash. You can use an oven cleaner to clean oil spots. Scrub the area with an all-purpose scrub brush and rinse it off with a hose.

Keep Your Garage Moisture Free

It is important to keep your garage dry to protect all stored items. There are many ways to prevent moisture buildup in your garage.

  • An exhaust fan is a good choice. This fan works in garages just like a bathroom. Mount an exhaust fan on the wall opposite the doorway and a heater. This will reduce humidity entering your home through the doorway when you exit or enter. Combining these two will keep your garage dry.
  • A dehumidifier will also work if your garage doesn’t have excessive moisture buildup.

No matter what option you choose, ensure that your appliances are maintained regularly to keep them in top shape.

Keep Your Garage Hot

This is crucial for keeping your vehicle and tools warm and protected in winter. It also keeps your car dry. Garages can get cold. Garages aren’t as well insulated as living spaces, making them more vulnerable to the cold. Garage doors are often not insulated to keep things simple.

The structure has large holes that let cold air in and warm air out. It is difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature even with the heater on.

  • A kit is a good idea for your garage door. A garage door insulation kit is the best way to keep your garage warm. It is easy to install a garage door insulation kit. These are your options. You can find them on Amazon and your local hardware shop. These kits can block airflow through cracks, allowing warm and cool air to flow in.
  • Check for cracks and gaps. There may be gaps in your walls, door, ceiling or other areas. This is where you should start. Depending on the location, there are several ways to close the gaps or cracks.
    • Expanding foam can fill in cracks on the exterior walls of unfinished garages. Fill it to about half the height and let the foam expand.
    • Wood putty, or any other wood filler, can be used to repair cracks in the wood. These are easy to apply and can be used directly on cracks or voids.
    • You can fill holes in drywall by replacing damaged drywall pieces and sealing them with drywall mud.
    • Concrete crack filler can be used to fill cracks in the cement.


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