8 Oct

How To Kickstart Your Annual House Cleaning

Professionals offer different types of cleaning services. There are regular, spring, and move in/move out cleaning. As tedious as it sounds, there are more and more things to tend to when there is a cleaning happening in your house. Moving out fragile things or keeping the furniture and other items away from the dust and dirt, etc. are tiring things to go through. But don’t you think that at the end is really worth it?

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning of a house is what most cleaning services offer for the cheapest rates and carries out a full round of cleaning tasks. These should be carried out every week or bi-weekly. For regular customers, the company offers better deals on opting for them for the services. You can once in a year also do deep cleaning like water Blasting in Auckland as their services are very professional on exterior cleaning

Move out Cleaning

One of the most serious cleaning time is when you move out a house has to clean every nook and corner that the lazy you have been putting off for a long time. This type of cleaning should make the house look sparkling if you do not want to lose your security deposit. 

Clean-Up to Bottom

Make sure all the ceiling is dusted off smoothly, like cleaning showers up and down. You should dust off all the ceiling and corners before starting on the bottom area. This way, you wouldn’t want to accidentally dust off earlier cleaned places.

Split the area and work

If the area you are supposed to clean is larger in surface area, then to bring down the tedious amount of work, you can split the large space into several small spaces. Then clean out the smaller chunks, and then you can finish the whole place in no time. Arrange least used spaces to be cleaned last and areas with more traffic to be cleaned earlier for a later check. 

Last-minute Cleaning 

In case of a last-minute move out cleaning, you can have a checklist to yourself. Even if you finish all the cleaning out in advance, you move out of your furniture, which requires more cleaning of the areas where the furniture has been removed. 

Things to Include In The Cleaning Checklist

In the case of the kitchen, you have to make sure that you clean the cabinets first, then proceed to the countertop and sink. Make sure all the oil and grease are cleared out of the walls as well. In case you want to get a sparkly clean kitchen, you can go for a cleaning service that is experienced. Apart from the basic cleaning, make sure even the faucets and the handles are also cleaned with mild soap. The same goes for washrooms and bedrooms. Ensure that you don’t leave furniture marks when all the furniture is moved out. 

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