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How to hire an architect for your home construction?

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The vital role of professional architects is to visualize and create detailed plans for a building. It is important to choose the right architect for your construction project.

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What types of architects are there?

It is important to know the type of architect you are working with before you start a construction project.

Commercial architect

Commercial architects specialize in the design of commercial spaces such as restaurants, shops, malls, hospitals and museums. They should be familiar with safety regulations and commercial building codes. Commercial projects often involve large-scale projects that require a team of consultants and architects.

Residential architect

Residential architects design homes for private clients, homeowners, and developers. The ability to turn a client’s vision into reality while staying within a budget is essential. Residential architects are responsible for creating floor plans and acting as advisors to developers for multiple housing units.

Industrial architect

Industrial architects are skilled in planning and designing industrial units. This includes factories, storage buildings (warehouses), power plants, logistic facilities, power plants, power stations, power plants, etc. The goal of industrial architects is to create spaces that are optimally used and provide users with ergonomic space.

Landscape architect

Landscape architects are responsible for designing outdoor spaces such as parks, lawns, and public gardens. Landscape architects are also responsible for the design of projects such as resorts, golf courses, and recreational spaces. Landscape architects are skilled at seamlessly integrating indoor-outdoor spaces. They are experts in horticulture, and they focus on spaces with aesthetic value.

Interior architect

Accredited architects who specialize in interior design are interior architects. They cover aspects such as materials, lighting, and other aspects. They are skilled in the technical aspects of building methods and structural design.

How do I hire an architect to design my custom home?

Planning is essential when remodeling or building a house. A qualified architect can help you get closer to your goal. They will review your project, identify the problems, and offer solutions that will work within your budget.

  • Talk to friends and family When you’re renovating your home for the first time, ask your friends and family for their experiences and if they would recommend architects.
  • Calculate your cost: Find out the costs for architecture design and the final construction cost. You should expect to pay more if you hire the best architects. However, it may also add more value to your project.
  • Do your homework: A good research will always help to find the best architects. Look at their work and what they offer. Look for experts with diverse experience and who have worked on different types of projects. Take into account all the options and pick the best one.
  • Search for licensed architects Before you hire an architect, make sure they are licensed. This establishes credibility and ensures that the professional has the necessary skills and experience.

Questions for an architect

It is important to do your research in order to find the right architect that will provide a full range of architect services that are financially feasible for you. These are the questions you should ask your architect in order to make an informed choice.

What is the design process?

It is a team effort to design a home. The process begins with the assessment of project requirements. Next, the architect creates a conceptual design. Then, he or she consults with structural engineers to discuss technical issues and ensure the structural integrity of your house. As sustainable buildings are becoming more popular, architects have to help improve energy efficiency by designing houses that maximize natural light and ventilation.

Does the architect have a distinctive style?

Make sure that the architect’s vision matches your vision for the project. Many architects are skilled at adapting their styles to meet client needs. An architect might be skilled in designing traditional or contemporary-style cottage homes. Understanding their style will help you decide which design is best for you.

What services do they offer?

It is crucial to understand the scope of the architect’s responsibility for a given project. Apart from designing the blueprints and creating the design, many architects offer a full range of services. You can hire an architect to manage the project, monitor the contractor’s progress, make design adjustments, review invoices, and so on.

Can the architect create three-dimensional drawings for you?

Visuals are essential in order to understand the meaning of drawings and ideas. A standard two-dimensional plan may be difficult to read. Today’s architects have software that can produce three-dimensional drawings. These drawings can be rotated and viewed from various angles to see how the design will look in real life.

What’s the expected timeline for this project?

It is important to have an open conversation with your architect, and establish a realistic timeline for the construction of your house. Sometimes there may be delays in the project due to client absence. It is important to agree on a timetable.

What is the cost of the work?

It is important to have open discussions about professional fees and budget. Architects typically charge either a flat fee or a percentage of the project cost. The services rendered may have different charges.

What are your challenges or issues with the project?

There might be technical issues that need to be addressed. Homeowners may have unrealistic expectations regarding the budget and time. It could be a challenge to make every room Vastu-friendly and still meet all other requirements. One of the characteristics of an architect is their ability to solve problems. Experienced architects will evaluate these problems and find the best solution. Ask if the architect has previously worked on similar projects.

Is the architect open to feedback and inputs?

While some home owners prefer to leave the whole design process to the architect, others might prefer to be involved in the construction. Ask the architect before you start to make any changes.

What does it cost to hire a professional architect?

Depending on the project, the fees for architects’ services can vary. Indian architects are charged for their services according to the Council of Architecture, a statutory government agency established under the Architects Act 1972.

The charges typically amount to 5% to 15% of total project cost. This is dependent on many factors such as plot size, security features and project scale. The project cost may require architects to charge either a flat fee or a per-square-foot rate.

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