23 May

How to get rid of fruit flies in your house


Are you noticing tiny flies around your home? The pesty fruit flies are now infesting your home and won’t leave, no matter how hard you try to keep them away. These little pests can multiply quickly. You might see one fruit fly one day and another a few days later. Let’s be clear, and fruit flies do not pose a problem for cleanliness. No matter how clean or sanitary your home is, they can infiltrate it. These pests are attracted to moist foods and fermented fruits and vegetables.

Because female fruit flies lay eggs in ripe or rotting fruits, they can quickly get out of control. The larvae can become adults within days after hatching. It would be best to learn how to remove fruit flies quickly and effectively since females can lay as many as 500 eggs per day.

Although fruit flies can be found all year, they are more active in the autumn and the end of summer when vegetables and fruits are particularly ripe. Pests can be found in produce purchased at the farmer’s markets or the pumpkin patch. Fruit flies can spread harmful bacteria from unsanitary areas, such as garbage cans.

No matter how they got there, don’t be alarmed: It is easy to learn how to remove fruit flies. Let’s first make sure we understand what we are dealing with.

What is the difference between fruit flies and gnats?

If you find little black bugs, you should first determine what type of pest it is. Although fruit flies and other pests may look the same, they require different control methods. Gnats can be grey or black, while fruit flies can be light tan, reddish-brown or brown. Gnats are most commonly found in areas with fruit, vegetables or garbage. However, gnats can infest soil around houseplants. We have tips to help you get rid of gnats if you’ve determined that your pests are gnats. Let’s now get rid of some fruit flies.

How to kill fruit flies with traps, sprays, and plants

How can you get rid of fruit flies? You can make your traps with household ingredients. To lure, trap and kill them, you can use beer, ripened fruit or apple cider vinegar. A few DIY fruit fly traps can be placed near food cabinets and trash cans around your house. Consider using commercial sprays and traps if the infestation is severe.

These are five home remedies to help you get rid of fruit fly infestations.

Apple Cider Vinegar

You can fill a bowl with apple cider vinegar (or white vinegar in a pinch), then cover it with the rubber band and plastic wrap. Finally, poke holes in the top. The vinegar will attract pests and trap them in the bowl.

Vinegar and Dish Soap

In a bowl, combine vinegar and one drop of dish soap. The vinegar attracts pests, and dish soap reduces liquid surface tension so that bugs drown.

Vinegar and Ripe fruit

Place a piece of ripe fruit in a jar containing 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar. Make a cone out of paper and place the smaller end in the jar. The cone is difficult to remove because of the vinegar and ripe fruits that attract the flies.

Carnivorous Plants

Carnivorous house plants are the natural enemy of fruit fly larvae. This guide will show you how to remove them. Carnivorous plants like Sundew and Pitcher plants provide a natural solution to fruit fly control.

Commercial Products

Many safe and effective commercial products can be used to get rid of fruit fly infestations. eco-friendly sprays can also be used on non-food surfaces such as mop heads, drain covers, garbage cans, and around drain covers.

How to Prevent Fruit Fly Infestations

It is essential to know how to remove fruit flies from your home. The best way to protect your home from these pests is to keep it clean.


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