23 May

How to get rid of flies safely and naturally.


It can be not easy to figure out how to eliminate house flies. They can transmit viruses and bacteria, lay eggs and defecate on surfaces. Flies can also cause food poisoning, E.coli, dysentery and cholera.

To get rid of them, you can use a pesticide spray. Pesticides can cause harm to your family and home, just as the pathogens that fly transmit. There are many options for non-toxic products that can be used to repel flies. It is simple to learn how to eliminate flies using good sanitation habits and non-toxic fly repellants.

How to get rid of Flies in Your Home

Houseflies love to lay eggs in places they can reach. This usually refers to areas with a lot of wood waste, garbage and animal faeces.

You can make your home more attractive to birds by restricting their access to certain areas.

  • You should ensure that your screens, windows and doors are free of holes, gaps, or tears.
  • You can use a trash bag with a tight-fitting cover and empty it as soon as you’re done.
  • Food should be kept in sealed containers, especially when stored outside.
  • Do not leave dishes or glasses that are dirty on the counter or in public areas.
  • Do not leave leaves or grass clippings near your home.
  • If they aren’t needed, turn off outdoor lights at night.
  • Avoid poisoning rodents as they can attract flies to their carcasses.
  • Make sure to immediately clean up any animal faeces (e.g. cat litter box)

It might be time for you to downgrade if you have large garbage cans in your home. This will allow you to dispose of trash more often and reduce the number of flies attracted to it. You can move your garbage bins outside if you have a large fly infestation in the laundry room or kitchen.

Home Remedies For Flies

Many aromatic plants can be used for cooking or aromatherapy. These plants can repel house flies and other pests, making summer more pleasant. Learn how to eliminate house flies safely and effectively for your family and home.


Place 20 cloves in a ripe orange or citrus fruit and let the flies go. These fragrant pomanders can be used to keep the flies away and create sweet aromas that last for many weeks.


Because lavender is available in many forms, it is one of the easiest methods to eliminate houseflies. You can keep them away by growing lavender plants outdoors, placing a bouquet of fresh lavender flowers in a vase, or burning lavender oil near your windows and entryways.


Commercial fly repellents often contain lemon or orange extracts. This is because of the smell and because citrus oil repels fly infestations naturally. Place the citrus peels where you see the flies buzzing. To keep the citrus peels moist, place them on a small towel on a plate. Rub the peels once in a while to maintain the fresh scent.


Basil can be grown in pots, gardens and flowerbeds. Basil can be planted near your entryway or window to repel flies. You can also plant basil in your outside garden to repel them.


Pine oil is strong and effective in repelling fly larvae. Apply a few drops to cheesecloth, and let them scatter. Pine oil can also soak cotton balls and then place them in a bowl where you see the flies.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper repels flies and deters other insects. Combine one cup of water with one teaspoon of cayenne pepper and put it in a spray bottle. Spray it around entryways and other areas where you see flies.

Lemongrass, peppermint and eucalyptus are all-natural fly repellents. These natural solutions for pest control work well in essential oils, potpourris, and other forms. They leave your home smelling amazing.

Sometimes, you need more than just a natural repellent. You need to attract and trap them. This list contains field-tested fly traps to solve your fly problem quickly.

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