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How to Find the Best Commercial Contractor


It is much easier to decide on a contractor to complete the project than to build a new facility for your business. Most commercial builders don’t have the experience and skills required to complete your project.

For example, retail space and office buildings have far fewer considerations than hospitals, schools or jails.

These five tips will help you choose the right commercial contractor in Highland Park IL for your next building project.

Evaluate Their Portfolio and Check References

Viewing a contractor’s online portfolio is crucial in evaluating their capabilities. Your finished project should reflect your industry knowledge, culture and community. Look for projects that inspire and excite. Visit the facilities to see firsthand their care and attention to detail. Commercial structures don’t have to be boring.

Read through case studies to learn about the challenges faced. Get a list of references and start to talk to other project owners. Ask the contractors how easy it was to work with their team. Find out how detailed they were in their proposals, follow-through, whether they kept on budget, on time, and dealt with roadblocks.

A picture on their website is worth a thousand words. But, it’s the relationships they have built with customers over the years and their ability to keep their promises.

Check out Their Complete List of Services

Commercial contractors today often do more than build buildings. There are many aspects to the building process that must be considered. Consider how your potential commercial construction companies can assist you in meeting your other deadlines and budget requirements.

Some contractors are experts in pre-referendum services. These services include estimating the cost of the project and educating/informing voters about your new school and government building referendum. It is important to understand the scope of these services. Are they only there to provide consultation? Or do they also conduct feasibility studies, assist in media and participate in community forums?

A contractor with an interior design department may be a good choice. This will ensure that your business’s furnishings, accessories, and finishes harmonise with the architecture. Do not choose a contractor based on their price. Make sure you look at the details and compare them to see what else they offer.

Check their safety records.

When it comes to the safety of workers and occupants, construction is considered a high-risk sector. Your contractor’s attention to safety is not just an indicator of their care for their workers; it also reflects their ability to complete your project on schedule and within budget. A job injury can cause a project’s halt quicker than losing a worker. The associated fines lost earnings, and possible litigation can all be very costly.

An impressive safety record can help you protect your interests and your reputation by avoiding negative media attention.

Ask about their time and budget management processes.

Reputable companies can manage commercial construction projects within budget and time. This is because they have developed reliable processes and worked with industry experts. Every detail of a building project must be taken care of.

Contractors today use technology to manage every aspect of a project. This includes timelines, contracts and costs, subcontractors, permits, materials, deliveries, and many other elements. Ask about their track record in completing projects on time and their methods for dealing with potential roadblocks, scope changes, and unexpected circumstances.

Get to know the Project Team.

Once you have decided, you will work closely with the team until your project is complete. It all depends on how extensive your project is, the scope of the work required, and the services you need. This may take several months to complete, or even years, depending on the process. It is important to build a great facility. But it is not enough. Building great relationships will make the difference between a pleasant experience or one you won’t want to repeat.

You should involve the project team in the budgeting and proposal process to allow them to get to know you and their expertise. It is important to ensure your personalities are compatible and that you feel comfortable sharing ideas and offering feedback. You can get a sense of how open they will be during the process and how they communicate.

Even if a contractor can meet all of the requirements in terms of processes, budget, design, and other details, it’s still important to have a trusting, compatible and transparent relationship.

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