4 Aug

How to Clean Leather Sofa like Experts?


Leather is a luxury material and we all love to use it in our ottoman, cushions, car seats, and sofa. However, leather also deteriorates like every other material. Proper care and maintenance of leather are very important and that’s why people find it very tough to retain leather possessions for many years. This is also the reason behind the flourishing leather restoration industry. If you are also confused about the maintenance of your leather sofa, this might be helpful. Read on to know the expert’s tips about cleaning a leather sofa. Also, find some secret leather conditioning tips as well.

  • Satiating Serum

Couches are usually placed in the middle of the house. You will find a couch in the living room and that’s why it gets so much dirty. Your children love to eat on the couch, your pets on the couch with dirty paws, and even your housemates shed sweat drops on the couch. All these activities make the couch dirty and grimy. To clean a Leather Couch, use a soft-bristled brush or a scrubber cloth to clean the leather surface first. Upon cleaning the surface, you will spot the dirt stains on the material surface. Use a leather serum to clean those stains. The leather serum is a leather conditioner that is easily available in the market.

  • Leather Honey

As the couch grows older, you will see scratch marks on the couch. Remember the pet paws? That’s the result of paws scratching the surface of the couch. You can take the help of a professional Leather Sofa Cleaner service. These guys are experts in leather restoration and can fix the scratch marks on the sofa by leather honey. Leather honey is another leather condoning solution except it is used for fixing scratch marks. The professional cleaners can apply leather honey on a clean leather surface and after some conditioning time, your couch is ready to be used again. Keep in mind that leather honey is an expensive lotion and has to be used specifically on the scratches. So you better leave this job to professionals.

  • Odor Removal

Another issue with an aged leather couch is a bad odor. With time, the leather of the couch stinks and that is a bad sign. It means that either the leather is deteriorating or the body fluids on the couch are reeking of bad smell. In such cases, you should call the professional cleaning service. The cleaners will use deodorant liquid on the couch to remove the bad odor and after a period of 1 to 2 hours, your couch can be used again.

Leather couches are expensive possessions and we should treat them like that as well. No matter how busy you are, you should take out the time to clean the sofa regularly.

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