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Three Must-Have Tools That You Need To Get An Expert Level Clean Windows


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A lot has been said and written on window cleaning. How to clean windows, how to maintain their shine, and what solutions should be used to clean them; all these tips are being helpful to many people who love to DIY when it comes to window cleaning. But, do you know what some expert tools are that can ease your job of cleaning windows?  Yes, not the techniques but some tools ease the process of window cleaning. Some of these tools are prevalent in the houses while others need to be purchased since they fall in industrial or expert category tools. Read on to know about the tools of window cleaning. 

  • Magnifying Rods 

Some windows are placed on greater heights where one can’t reach physically. Such windows are hard to clean and that’s why always dirty. However, Window Cleaning Experts have found a way to clean these windows at height with the help of magnifying rods. The main purpose of magnifying rods is to get attached to cleaning utensils like a squeegee or a microfiber cloth. Once attached, you can stay at the ground and increase the height of this magnifying rod to the desired extent and easily clean the window at height. Magnifying rods are extremely popular among window cleaners and are also known as telescopic rods.

  • Water Pole

One of the paths breaking inventions for window cleaning in Fife includes water poles also known as water fed pole systems. In layman terms, these poles are similar to magnifying rods provided that these poles can achieve more height and can splash water on the window through the water pole. The inaccessible windows are very hard to clean and magnifying rods can only dry-clean the window. In such a case, water poles can be a very useful tool to wash and clean the window thoroughly. Besides, these water poles can be adjusted to throw water on the windows at the desired pressure, which makes it useful to use a chemical solution in place of water.

  • Sleeves

The most basic window cleaning tools included sleeves a few times ago. Usually used with a T-bar, sleeves are the best cleaning tool to wipe off the solution or water applied on the window glass. Having pretty much similarities with a squeegee, sleeves are often misjudged as scrubbers or squeegees but actually, sleeves are the only detachable tools that can be used with a handle on them. Moreover, you can use a sleeve to clean any type of glass in the house since it gives the same result when used upon any glass.  

The cleaning window also needs some basic tools like a belt to hold the tools, and a ladder; you need to check all boxes for hassle-free cleaning experience.  

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