17 May

Follow these steps to clean your much-loved cushion covers like a pro!

There’s something so different and attractive about soft furnishings and their ability to inject a new personality and fresh look to our homes. Maybe that’s precisely why there are millions of individuals out there interested to add soft furnishings to their heavenly abodes. And if we have to go into the details, the commonest soft furnishings in any living space are cushions. They act like the cherry on the cake to your room’s décor scheme! They work wonders, even though they are just square pieces of stuffed fabric. A great combination and placement of the cushions in pretty cushion covers can give the look of a room a much stylish and elegant upgrade.

So, cushions are an all-time favourite with homeowners, and though sourcing new cushions that coordinate perfectly with our sensibilities can be a pretty hard and daunting task, we all delve into it. It’s a much mind-boggling job to decide on the right colours, to choosing the perfect shapes, as well as textures. Well, and all of it goes in vain, if you have already checked out zillions of home furnishing stores, and find no cushion covers that suit the colour palette of your home and your personal taste. But, no need to worry, this is 2019, and if you don’t fall in love with any of the store-bought cushion covers, you could simply go for custom made cushions. Resort Style Bean Bags are one of the best custom cushion cover providers in Australia. Procuring stuff from them is as simple as filling a form regarding your requirements. And soon, you will be delivered beautiful cushion covers in your preferred size, fabric, and colours.

How to clean your cushion covers

Cleaning our cushions and bean bags are one of those jobs we mostly tend to put off. But, these are the things which actually add to the aesthetics of our home, and whether we like it or not, we have to end up doing most of it. But, along with being a much-hated chores, most of us don’t even know how to go about the cleaning tasks properly. So, stop worrying about the fact that you shall ruin them, and instead of going the throwing-away-and-buying-new-ones-every-time-they-get-dirty way, start knowing how to clean them. This is a handy guide and will tell you all about getting your removable cushion covers cleaned the right way:

  • Machine washing: Machine washing your cushion covers is one of the best and easiest ways to get them cleaned. But, make sure to always check on the label, which will tell you if you are allowed to machine wash. These types include the cotton, velvet and polyester ones. You just need to put them into the washing machine, select the cold, gentle wash option, and add some mild detergent and you are good to go.
  • Hand washing: This extra bit of effort is required for your faux fur, knit or wool cushions. Cushions having delicate prints, patterns and materials are best left for hand washing. Different coloured cushion covers should be washed separately. Just dip them with some lukewarm water, mild detergent, and lightly knead with your hands. Rinse it off with clean water and gently squeeze to get the water out (instead of wringing it out).
  • Spot cleaning: This cleaning method is best suited for your outdoor cushions, or for times when there’s a stain. All you will need is a dry cloth and damp sponge to get going. If the spill has just taken place, you could use a vacuum to suck it up before it gets soaked in further. You should then use your steam iron to steam the stain and finally use the wet sponge with some water and mild soap to dab onto the stain. You should always blot it and refrain from rubbing. After that’s been done, press onto the stain with a dry cloth or paper towel to get rid of the stain.

So, these are some helpful cleaning tips and advice which shall take the doubt and risk out of your cushion cleaning process. And if sadly you have tried all of the above, and yet, all is lost, it’s time to get some new covers. Hold on to your cushion inserts, and look for new covers, preferably custom ones.

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