17 May

Effortless Tips & Tricks For Proper Leather Maintenance


There’s no denying that leather forms to be one of the most popular choices for accessories, clothing, furniture and the likes. This is because the leather looks exquisite over time and with proper care, it can age gracefully. There are some homeowners out there who think that adding leather items to their home can prove to be challenging, especially the cleaning & maintenance procedure. Even though the same can be remotely true for households that have pets & children, keeping leather items in great shape is definitely not an impossible task to perform. 

To assist you in your leather cleaning job, we are sharing some useful tips & tricks that you can utilise to make your cleaning procedure a lot easier & effective. 

Easy Leather Cleaning Suggestions For The Common Households

  • Always Know Your Leather

Before you proceed to purchase a leather sofa cleaner, you need to know the type of leather that you’re using or dealing with. The type of leather will dictate your overall leather cleaning procedure. For instance, treated or finished leather will be covered in a protective covering, while on the other hand, unfinished, untreated or suede leather will not. So you need to be mindful of the commercial leather cleaner that you end up choosing. 

So, using a mild soap solution on unfinished leather can prove to be disastrous compared to using the solution on finished leather. This is because finished leather will have a protective covering that will reduce the effects of the soap solution. Thus, it’s suggested that you test a small area of your leather product with the cleaning solution you’ll be using before committing to the entire procedure. 

  • Don’t Use DIY Cleaning Solutions

When it comes to maintaining & cleaning leather, you’ll be much better off with aftermarket products that are specifically designed to be used on leather rather than using DIY cleaning solutions. Some of the popular remedies at your home such as white vinegar, baking soda, tartar cream and lemon juice should be avoided. These aforementioned DIY cleaning agents can turn out to be harsh for your delicate leather items and can make the situation worse. 

  • Remove Stains As Soon As They Take Place

Otherwise known as spot cleaning, this procedure involves cleaning the stains on your leather items as and when they tend to take place. The best way you can deal with liquid stains is by using a soft cloth and carrying out the blotting technique. Once done, you can further clean the area with some warm water and a soft cleaning cloth. You can also use a certified leather cleaner by spraying the solution on your cloth and using the same to wipe your stained leather surface. 

Thus, keeping your leather items well-maintained is a fairly straightforward task. You only need to be proactive instead of being reactive.  

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