24 Jun

Doubt Danger of Asbestos in Your Home? Be Quick and Clever to Deal!


Do you smell danger in your heaven? Are you worried that your newly bought house has been built in the early nineties and may contain some amount of asbestos in it? Or you are already in your old dwelling and just got educated about this component and the dangers attached to it? We understand your fear and the desperation with which you are scrolling through this and hundreds of such pages to know what to do next!

Firstly, we would suggest you get your facts right! Do you know what asbestos is? It is a mixture of fibres which are highly heat and chemical resistant. This is the reason why this was largely used previously in building houses. Most the houses contain them in roofs, ceilings, wall insulation and many such parts. But it has eventually been proved as dangerous when it gets mixed with air, causing lung cancer and breathing problems. It was then that it was banned from usage in constructions, and people started getting educated about its harmful effects.

Immediate Steps to Take When You Doubt Asbestos in Your Home!

It’s very much natural and obvious that your house may have some amount of asbestos in it, especially if it was built a while back. And when you feel that there’s a chance of the same, it’s best to follow the below steps immediately to avoid any kind of dangers to you and your family.

  • Don’t Panic — Ok, first thing first! Don’t fret! It’s not going to help if you panic and there may not actually be any asbestos in your home. (We hope so!) Or if it’s intact, it may not cause much hassle. And to take further decisions and precautions, the last thing you should be is on your clumsy nerves.
  • Get the Kids, and Elderly Citizens Away — Children and senior citizens have lower immunity level. So, in case you have asbestos exposed in your home, take them away first. It’s also wise if you avoid the place until further steps are taken.
  • Go for an Inspection Immediately— Be sure of the dangers around by going for a home inspection immediately. Connect with a trusted company offering this service and get the place thoroughly checked for the same.
  • Contact a Reliable Asbestos Removal Company at the Very Instance — Now when you are so sure of the danger lying in your house, it’s better to eradicate it immediately. You shouldn’t delay inquiring deeply and contacting a reliable company offering asbestos removal. In Victoria, Asbestos Australia is a company that guarantees safe removal of asbestos without hampering the safety of your home.
  • If It’s Intact —don’t Touch It — Asbestos doesn’t endanger you if it remains in its intact condition. So, if the part containing this is standing firm and shows no signs of falling apart, then better leave it intact. In fact, you should maintain this space more so that the area doesn’t get dilapidated anytime soon.
  • See That It’s Disposed Safely — Your duty and worry doesn’t end by just removing the asbestos in your home. You’ll have to make sure that it’s disposed safely and doesn’t get mixed up in the air. Most of the removal companies offer this service too; if not, you’ll have to hire the experts for the same.

We know asbestos is dangerous and you would be really tensed after finding the same in your home. But we really hope you’ll be relieved now after reading the above steps, and deal with it safely.

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