23 May

Donate your used toys by cleaning them


Cleaning Toys to Donate

It’s that time again. You’re trying to make sure your house is ready for the holiday season. Although you’ve done your fall cleaning, it feels like there’s still so much clutter. What about your child’s bedroom? Let’s just say… WOW! Toys galore! Toys galore!

Your home may look like many others on Christmas morning. A flock of elves have flocked to your house, spreading holiday joy, sparkles and new toys. Lucky you. We have good news. You can prepare for the holiday chaos by doing something this month. It will make your child’s space look cleaner and help other children in need. Although it might take some time, we promise it will be worth it.

The Used Toy Cleaning Marathon

It’s like an exorcism in your child’s bedroom. Anyone who has children will understand what we are talking about…and why it is so important. These steps will help you decide what you should keep and what you should donate. Next, we will discuss how to clean the toys so that they can be enjoyed by other children when you give them to them.

Let’s face facts. Children love to play, explore and get dirty. They don’t wash away the dirt and bacteria they collect. They love to play in sandboxes and crawl on dirt floors. They then eat with their hands and repeat the process.

Most germs that your children will come across are not harmful, and some may even be beneficial. Others can spread the flu, COVID-19 and other diseases. While you cannot protect your children against all possible illnesses, you can reduce the spread of germs and viruses by cleaning toys and keeping them clean. You’ll also want to do the same thing for the children you donate these toys to. Are you ready to get started?

Step 1: Take apart all toys.

All toys are meant to be emptied. Check all storage containers and bins, and make sure you check under the bed, in your closet and anywhere else that your child may have stored a toy. This is the most time-consuming step. You will need two large bags and one trash bag. Simple piles on the ground will work if you don’t own bins. Make sure to have a trash bag. Toys can be divided into three categories: Keep them, Donate it, or throw it away.

Start with the “Keep it” category. This is an opportunity to include your child in this process. Ask your child to pick the items that they can’t live without. They will try to keep more items if they hear “donate”. As a rule of thumb, if the toy hasn’t been used in 3 months, it shouldn’t be in the “keep it”.

The “donate it bin” is what you will have. When putting items in the bin, make sure you do a final inspection. To ensure that toys work properly, group multiple pieces together and ensure they are in good condition. Ensure that everything was in the “keep it” category to avoid unwanted tantrums.

Step 2: Clean the toys and disinfect them.

Disinfect Your Dishwasher

If your toy is dishwasher-safe, you can run it through the dishwasher. This is great for plastic blocks, rattles, and bath toys. To prevent them from falling through the racks, place small toys in a silverware holder or net bag. Toys with buttons, fabric or other electrical components should not be washed in the dishwasher.

Disinfect Toys How to Use Your Washing Machine

You can disinfect stuffed toys and blankets, and pillows in your washer on the hot cycle. Pillowcases are a great way to keep your stuffed animals safe during the wash cycle.

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