24 Jun

DIY 101: How To Clean A Fire Pit?


It doesn’t matter whether your fire pit has been made out of sculptured metal or a durable stone, regular cleaning is indeed very necessary in maintaining your fire pit in great condition. If you can keep your fire pit well-maintained over time, then you can expect to enjoy greater efficiency in the long run. 

Therefore, to help you in your endeavor, we at professional services for gas fire pits in Australia, are suggesting some crazy good tips on how you can properly clean your fire pit in a very minimal amount of time. 

The Required Maintenance Equipment

Before you start to clean your fire pit, you’ll need to clean out any debris. And to do that, you’ll require some proper tools beside you to make your job easier. In case you have a fire pit that’s used for burning wood, then you need to get yourself a pair of tongs for scooping up the leftover ash and for wood log rearrangement. 

Apart from the aforementioned tool, you’ll also need to obtain a protective covering as well as a spark screen for your fire pit. This equipment will help in keeping your fire pit stay clean most of the time. 

How Can You Clean Out A Wood-Burning Fire Pit?

The following steps should be performed when cleaning a wood-burning fire pit:

  • Firstly, you’ll need to wait for some time before the ashes are completely cooled so that you can start your cleaning process. Try to be careful because they can remain hot for multiple hours even after burning. We’d suggest at least waiting overnight. 
  • Start off by wearing some protective gloves and remove any large pieces of wood that might be inside the pit. Once done, you’ll need to take a bucket and then scoop all the leftover ash. 
  • Finally, it’s time to dispose of the ashes at your local facility for waste management. 

How Can You Clean Out A Gas Fire Pit?

The below-mentioned tips must be exercised when cleaning a gas fire pit:

  • If you’ve got a gas fire pit, then you don’t need to worry about cleaning the ashes. Instead, just remove any leaves, sticks and other debris from the burning site after every use. However, remember to start the process only after you’ve removed the gas source. 
  • Once done, use a simple solution of soap & water to wipe the fire pit using a damp cloth. Furthermore, ensure that there’s no leak in the system. 

Lastly, if you have any fire pit accessories, such as valve keys & wind guards, be sure to store them away somewhere safe, so that you don’t lose them. You’ll never know when you might need them again. 

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