8 Mar

Deal With the Nasty Carpet Stains Wisely Until the Pros Arrive!


Your office is a mirror image of how perfect and accurate you are in your work. The clean and attractive interiors and exteriors of any commercial centre speak about the excellent leadership quality of the entrepreneur. But imagine if the walls are shabby, the furniture is dilapidated, and even the carpet is stained! What would one think about the owner then? Now you know the urgency to keep your office always clean and intact. But hey, here’s a huge stain on your carpet and there are some clients coming up for an urgent meet-up. Though the experts always recommend you to clean the spills on the spot, if even after tending to the issue instantly it is not getting off, then you will have to call the professionals to eradicate this mess from your carpet. Of course, you didn’t delay in calling the pros to look into this matter, but they aren’t coming anywhere soon (appointment slots got full!). Then what will you do in such a tricky situation?

Tips to hide the carpet stains until the cleaners arrive!

There are lots of companies offering commercial carpet cleaning in Auckland like Kiwiland Carpet Cleaning who visit your location immediately to clean off the mess in the carpets. They even have special packages for commercial centres like yours and provide regular cleaning. But in case you aren’t hiring them and your cleaners aren’t coming soon, then you can hide the stains by following these steps.

  • Soapy water cleaning —You definitely have housekeeping staff in the office. Instruct them to make a soapy water concoction using a mild detergent and try to rub that over the stain. Most probably it would come off after 2 or 3 tries. And even if it doesn’t come off, these would at least fade, and the colour of the stain wouldn’t be that glaring when the guest arrives at your office.
  • Using furniture to hide the stain — The easiest (intelligent yet slipshod) way to hide these stains is just by shifting the furniture of your office so as to cover these stains. But remember, the layout shouldn’t appear cluttered or disoriented — and the stain should be hidden as well.
  • The floor mats idea — Doormats are considered the best options to cover any kind of stains or patches on your carpet. Place your doormats in such a way that they don’t appear out of place and the stains are hidden well.
  • The talcum powder hack —If the stain is really nasty and no amount of rubbing and cleaning is curing the same and even the position of the stain is such that you can’t hide it easily with anything, then this new, interesting hack would perhaps work for you! Just sprinkle some amount of talcum powder on this stain and get it covered easily. But to utilise this hack, your carpet should be of a similar shade (that of the powder).

These solutions are considered the best for hiding stains on your carpet. But remember that these are only temporary solutions. If you want permanent relief from such an embarrassing sight, you will have to call the professionals to take care of this problem immediately. 

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