7 Jan

Common Habits That Leads to Severe Sewer Issues

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There’s no denying that sometimes we do get lazy and therefore forget not to do certain things that can cause damage to our homes. And that is when our bad habits will come back to bite us because sometimes due to those habits, a delicately balanced & sensitive system like the sewer starts facing issues. 

Needless to say, if you want your sewer system to function without any problems, you’ll need to maintain it well. Keeping the same in mind, we are sharing a list of some of the popular bad habits that homeowners tend to practice when it comes to their home sewer systems.

Bad Habits Regarding The Home Sewer System That Should Be Avoided At All Costs

  • Trying To Flush Foreign Objects

You must remember that your sewer is generally designed to handle various types of organic wastes. However, people still try to flush items such as baby wipes, cotton swabs, feminine hygiene products. Foreign objects such as these tend to build-up inside the sewer lines, thereby leading to clogs. As a result, water and other organic wastes would not be able to pass through it. 

Therefore, it’s always recommended to stick to organic objects when flushing into the sewer, and you shouldn’t have any problems at all. 

  • Trying To Dig The Soil Deeper Near Your Home Sewer Lines

It should be perceived that home sewer lines are generally placed at least two feet below the soil, around your home. So, if by accident you try to dig up the ground that is near to your sewer lines, the discharge pipes might get exposed. Moreover, if you don’t even know about the presence of sewer lines, your digging tool might even hit the sewer pipe and thereby puncture it. As a result, there will be a leakage in the sewer line, and all the organic affluents will start to flow out of it. 

Therefore, the best way to deal with the same would be to avoid digging up near your home sewer lines. However, if your sewer line does get damaged due to digging mistakenly, you can simply get in touch with a professional plumber in Robina to get the issue solved. 

  • Not Maintaining The Sewer System

Even though maintaining your sewer line is not an enjoyable job by any means, you need to remember that if your sewer lines get blocked, you as well as your family will be in trouble. Unless you want that to happen, you should check your sewer lines every six months and even clean them if necessary.

In that way, you’ll be able to spot any significant problems before it becomes a massive headache. Moreover, your sewer lines will be clean for the passage of organic affluents.

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