21 Aug

Top 8 Care Tactics to Combat Damages to your Charismatic Polished Concrete!

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You have concrete in your place? Great! And if it is polished to perfection –congrats! You have got the most amazing kind of long-lasting floor that will stay with you for years. Polished concrete is well known for its glossy finish and enchanting look. Even its low maintenance needs make it the number one choice of millions for flooring. But that doesn’t mean you should neglect its upkeep entirely. Regardless of its super tough quality, polished concrete demands some amount of love and care.

Tips to Care for Your Polished Concrete for Its Long-Lasting Beauty and Life!

Polished concrete in Melbourne by GrindWorks remains intact for years, but only if you are looking after it very well. As they do the best polishing work on your concrete because of their years of experience and incredible expertise, your floor looks like new for years. Now that you have beautiful floors, read about the ways to maintain it:

  • Mopping With Microfiber is the Best – Though your polished concrete always looks shiny and classy, it is still advisable to mop it regularly. And for the best (and cleanest) results, microfiber mops should always be used for this task.
  • Clean Dirty Areas Immediately – If you find dirt or dust or any kind of spill on the polished concrete, never delay in cleaning it. The mess gets larger and tougher with passing time.
  • Use Cleaners if Required – Most of the time, only plain mopping is enough to keep your polished concrete intact. But, if the dirt is too much and you even find it sticky in some areas, better use good quality concrete cleaners (and not any random cleaner) to mop this surface.
  • Avoid Bleach or Harsh Cleaning Agents – There are numerous cleaning agents sold by many brands that guarantee to clean your polished concrete perfectly and even keep its look intact. But using bleach or harsh cleaners for the task can only spoil its shine and polish. Mild cleaners would do the trick perfectly.
  • Pay Special Attention to High Traffic Areas – High traffic on concrete can often bring lots of dirt on it. Again, this makes the floor look too sandy and untidy. Frequent cleaning here solves the issue.
  • Use Rugs and Door Mats – Polished concretes do get affected by external substances like salt and ice that enters with your shoes. It won’t just put up a muddy picture here, but also makes the floor slippery. Wise use of rugs and doormats on any such areas become saviours.
  • Treat Your Floor Kindly – So what if it is concrete? You just can’t throw hard objects on it and assume it to remain intact! Lifting heavy objects properly, avoiding harsh substances (like nail scratches) etc. help your floor stay intact for long.
  • Renew the Polish When Required – In order to maintain the shine and finish of your concrete, polish it at proper intervals.

These are some super easy tips that you should follow in order to keep your polished concrete looking as new as they were when you installed them!

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