26 Jun

This Is How You Can Go About Cleaning Antique Windows?

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Looking at the marveling antique items is a delightful experience, but cleaning those items can be a headache. Windows are no different in this league. If you have antique windows at your house, they must have been dirty because either you are too scared to use cleaning products on them or the window is too old to be cleaned. However, professional window cleaners know how to deal with such problems and they can clean such windows in a matter of hours. If you also have a house having antique windows, read on to know how professionals can take care of them.

  • Chemicals 

One thing that differentiates Antique Window Cleaning from the ordinary cleaning is the selection of chemicals for the window. If you choose a mild chemical, the old stains and dust won’t runoff. If you choose a strong chemical, there is a possibility of damage to the window. Hence, professional cleaners choose an intermediate solution that is harsh on the surface to eliminate the dust particles and is soft on the window glass not to break it. By applying this chemical, they effortlessly clean the windows and convert them from hazy to crystal-clear. If the window glass cannot bear the chemical then the professionals utilize lotions.

  • Settling the Dust 

To settle the dust and allergens on the window glass, a professional window cleaner in Bournemouth will use conditioners. Conditioners are chemical solutions that are mixed with water and applied to glass surfaces for some hours before cleaning them. Window cleaners visit your house a day before the agreed date and apply this conditioner on the window glasses and let the liquid settle down for some hours. The next day, they can easily clean the antique window because of the conditioner effect. The window can now be easily cleaned because the dust particles and alleges on the window are settled down with the conditioner. 

  • Tools

One thing that differentiates you and the professional is the tools. You will not have the latest gears and accessories required for a professional cleaning job. Whereas the professionals are always equipped with cleaning tools like a squeegee, extending rods, detergents, and microfiber cloths. This allows them to work efficiently and quickly on windows and that’s why they can wrap up the work in a matter of hours, the same work will consume your entire day. Moreover, a professional also knows how to use the right tool at the right place. Unlike you, a professional never use paper to clean a glass surface. 

Cleaning windows is a tricky job, but with the help of professionals, you can do it artlessly. All you need to do is to hire the right agency and your job is done at that place.

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