4 May

Clean your wooden cabinets with these easy steps


Cabinets are one of those places in your kitchen where dirt and grime can pop up at any time. It’s not without cause; we regularly stain it while cooking or when our little one decides to indulge in some kitchen experiments. Regardless of the cause, grime and stains are a no-no in a kitchen and need to be cleaned to avoid having a buildup over time. So, here is a cabinet cleaning guide that will help your clean the stains in a jiffy! Are you ready? 

Homemade cabinet cleaner 

Sure, you can use a commercial cleaner to get rid of the grime and stains. In fact, the apartment cleaning services in Montreal that you hire will most likely use commercial cleaning products. However, if you are into DIY cabinet cleaning, here is a homemade cleaning solution you can make with just two ingredients. 

Vinegar is an obvious choice when making a cabinet cleaner. They are natural cleaners that leave behind a great smell. So, make a 50-50 solution of warm water and vinegar. Add a bit of dishwashing liquid when dealing with tougher stains. Using mixture is simple; pour it into a spray bottle and mist the cabinet. After letting it sit for a few minutes, wipe down using a soft cloth. 

Easy steps to clean the cabinets

Now, whether you choose the homemade cleaner or one off the shelves, keep in mind that the cleaning method remains the same. These easy steps are all you need:

  • Mist the cabinet with the cleaning solution.
  • Use a sponge or soft cloth to wipe the cleaner on the cabinet door and drawer exteriors. 
  • Apply the cleaner on the cabinet pulls and handles and wipe it down.
  • Scrub the crevices and the wood around the cabinet using a toothbrush.
  • Take another cloth, dip it in cold water and wipe the cleaning solution.
  • Use yet another clean towel and dry the cabinets.

Cleaning stains on wooden cabinets

When dealing with tougher stains, make a paste of vinegar and salt. Scrub this on the surface using an old toothbrush or a nylon-bristle scrub. Make sure not to use steel wool or other abrasive material to avoid scratches on the wood. Clean the paste with water and dry with a towel. 

You can also buff up your cabinet surface to avoid staining. For this, make a mix of vegetable oil and vinegar and apply to your cabinet until it shines. 


Cleaning the cabinet may seem tricky, as they are wooden and can scratch easily with excessive scrubbing. But why scrub when you have the perfect cleaning solution that can dissolve the grime? A mix of vinegar and water or vinegar and salt is all you need to get rid of dirt and stains. 

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