11 Dec

Top Reasons To Not Clean Your Roof All By Yourself


Most homeowners out there love to perform DIY projects around their homes. From simple yard work to painting walls & ceilings – DIY projects can always prove to be a fun and rewarding experience. However, cleaning your roof all by yourself isn’t one of them. 

Contrary to popular beliefs, regular roof cleaning is extremely crucial for removing moss, lichen and other debris from the roof of your house, so that you can enhance your roof’s longevity while keeping it looking brilliant for a long time. But, regular roof cleaning doesn’t mean that instead of hiring professionals, you try to perform the job on your own. Hence, we’re listing some of the significant reasons why you should never think of cleaning your roof by yourself.

Ideal Reasons To Not Clean Your Roof By Yourself

  1. Falls

The truth is – roof cleaning is a dangerous job. According to a competent service provider for roof cleaning in Auckland, you might think that your roof isn’t too slanted or high from the ground level. But, the moment you head up there on the roof, it can be a whole other story. In case you’re unaware, more than 1/3rd of construction fatalities take place due to falls. Hence, when professionals can face such consequences, you simply don’t even stand a chance when it comes to cleaning your roof. 

Falls can take place due to a variety of different reasons. For example, falls can happen due to a loss of balance, slippery surfaces on the roof, strong winds, faulty equipment and even fear of pesky insects. It doesn’t matter how confident you’re in your abilities, accidents can take place at any moment. 

Ultimately, you can experience serious injuries that can make you bed-ridden for the rest of your life. The risk isn’t worth it, which is why hiring professionals for roof cleaning is the way to go. 

  1. Insects

While you might think that your roof is free from insects or pests, the truth can be something else. For instance, insects such as hornets, wasps and even bees can have their nests built atop your roof and you might not be even aware of the same. Insects can also infiltrate your attic and chimney. 

Hence, when you try to clean your roof yourself, you’ll run the risk of getting beaten or injured by such aforementioned pests/insects, leaving you in a very vulnerable state. The last thing you need is a swarm of wasps surrounding your face and you lose your control & ultimately fall off the roof. 

Furthermore, some insects such as termites or other wood insects can flare up respiratory problems (asthma) and allergies in human beings. 

Thus, if you plan to save yourself from the above-mentioned atrocities, then hiring professionals to clean your roof might be the ideal task. 

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