26 Jun

How To Properly Clean Your Dryer Vents?


It has been reported that each year, more than 2900 people experience house fires due to their clothes dryer. All these incidents cause more than $35 million in property damages every year. But, you can easily avoid such accidents if you can follow the correct methods in cleaning your clothes dryer vents. 

Therefore, to help you and your loved ones stay safe, we have created this extensive guide that contains some of the most effortless steps that you can undertake to clean your clothes dryer vents and prevent house fires. 

Why Should You Keep Your Dryer Vents Clean?

All modern clothes dryers come with an in-built lint stopper that is designed specifically to stop the lint from getting to the dryer vent. Homeowners should know that they should clean the lint screen after using the dryer every time. But, the responsibility doesn’t just end there. 

According to a professional service provider for a home inspection in Henderson NV, there will be moments when small pieces of dirt, dust, lint, and other materials from clothes can quickly pass through that lint screen and thus enter the dryer vent. As a result, they amass over time. 

Since the normal working cycle of a clothes dryer involves potential electrical sparks and high heat levels, such accumulation of lint can pose a serious fire threat if not treated beforehand. 

Additionally, if your dryer vent gets clogged, it can also reduce the dryer’s longevity as well as efficiency. If you want to get the supreme performance out of your clothes dryer, you have to keep the vents spotless at all times.

The Symptoms That Will Tell You That Your Dryer Vent Require Cleaning

In case you notice any lint build-up around the ground of your dryer or its exit vent, then it’s a sign that lint accumulation is clogging your dryer vents. In that case, you have to start cleaning the dryer vents more frequently, so that you don’t have to encounter with it ever again. 

Some of the other signs include:

  • Clothes taking longer than usual to dry
  • Clothes having a burning smell or any other odor 
  • The laundry room getting warm or hot

How Frequently Should You Clean The Vents Of Your Clothes Dryer?

After each use, you have to check the lint screen of your dryer. Proceed to clean the lint screen at least once or twice per year. If you utilise your dryer more than usual, then you have to increase your rate of inspections and cleaning cycle. Moreover, you also have to think about the amount of load (clothes) you’re putting inside your dryer every use. 

For the best results, we suggest cleaning your dryer vent two to four times a year. 

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