8 Nov

How To Take Care Of Your New Wooden Furniture?

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Buying a new and attractive looking wooden furniture is not the end of the road because if you want it to endure for years to come, you need to maintain it in the correct way possible as well. Even good quality branded wooden furniture needs care & loving, which is the reason why we’re going to share some of the essential tips & tricks for the same.

We suggest following these below-mentioned suggestions in their entirety so that you can enjoy your beautiful wooden furniture for years to come – with the help of furniture stores in Auckland

The Methods To Be Able To Take Care Of Your Wooden Furniture Effectively

  • Always Position The Furniture Properly

When you plan on placing your furniture correctly, you should always ensure that you keep it away from all kinds of cooling or heating sources. It would be best if you remembered that wood doesn’t bode well when placed near to a fireplace or a source of direct sunlight. Unless you want your beautiful wooden furniture to fade away its colour or get dried up, you have to consider the placement. 

Moreover, you also should necessitate keeping in mind regarding any sources of moisture such as humidifiers, which can easily affect wooden furniture.

  • Protecting Your Cocktail Or Coffee Tables

Coffee tables, otherwise known as cocktail tables, have always been a staple of the living room because they are used to serve hot & cold drinks to the guests. It should be realised that cold & hot beverages can affect the surface of the table and can thereby result in overall discoloration of the surface – such as the creation of a white ring. 

Therefore, it’s suggested that you always opt for coasters – both big & small – to be able to deal with drinks, beverages and other such items. Moreover, it would be commendable if you also were using thick pads underneath when placing hot pizza or fast-food boxes. It’s also suggested that you get your furniture polished every five to ten years to maintain its sheen. 

  •  Always Keep Your Furniture Clean

In case you want your wooden furniture to last for a very long time, then you necessitate to clean it on a regular basis. You can simply use a soft & dry cloth for the same and use it as a duster to dust off all the unwanted dust & dirt accumulated on the surface of the wood.

It should be recollected that cotton is the best fabric for such a task since synthetic ones can result in scratches. Furthermore, there are many other manufacturers out there who recommend avoiding wax-based products as well. 

Apart from that, it would help if you avoided using water on any of your wooden furniture structures as water can contaminate the wooden finish and thereby make the surface look dull & uninspiring. 

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