25 Jun

Can Carpet Cleaning Assist In Dealing With Dust Mites?


If you’re someone who suffers heavily from allergies, then you must learn that the spring season tends to be the absolute worst of the lot when it comes to allergy-inducing contaminants. So, if you or any of your family members are facing allergy flare-ups, you then have to look for ways to ease and prevent such issues. 

One of the primary culprits of indoor allergies tends to be dust mites. These particles are very tiny and cannot be spotted easily by the human eye. However, they can easily wreak havoc on the human sinus system. Thus, to help you deal with dust mites efficiently, we have created this extensive blog post that you should go through in its entirety. 

FAQ: Can Carpet Cleaning Eliminate Dust Mites?

According to a professional service provider for carpet cleaning in Browns Plains, cleaning your carpets regularly is the best way to deal with dust mites. You can vacuum your carpets on an everyday basis with occasional deep cleaning (either via DIY measures or via professional carpet cleaning services). 

Additional Tips & Tricks To Deal With Dust Mites

  • Keeping Your Indoor Environment Dry

Like other pests, dust mites also prefer a humid environment to live in. So, if you want to curb the growth and spread of dust mites inside your home, you have to control your house’s humidity. And to do that, you can use a dehumidifier for the same. 

Dehumidifiers are fantastic when it comes to sucking in all the humidity from your home interiors and making your home interiors dry. Apart from using dehumidifiers, you also have to ensure that there are roof leaks and your carpets don’t track excessive water molecules. 

  • Using Steam & Heat

If you want your carpets to get the most efficient carpet cleaning procedure, then the use of steam & heat would be the ideal way to kill dust mites. And to do that, you have to hire professional carpet cleaners, who will have the proper equipment and experience to complete a task such as this. 

  • Proper Vacuuming

Even though vacuuming will not kill dust mites, the procedure is pretty effective in eliminating them from your carpet fibers. If you can vacuum at least once or twice per week, it’ll be enough to keep your carpets free from dust mites and other allergy-inducing pollutants. 

  • Always Dust Solid Surfaces

Dust mites are not only attracted towards dirty carpets or rugs, but also other items placed inside your home interiors. These include your furniture sets, tables, chairs, and so on. So, the ideal way to ensure that you exterminate dust mites is by dusting all the solid surfaces using a simple cloth. 

We hope that with the help of our above-mentioned suggestions, you’ll eradicate dust mites from your home. 

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