31 May

Busted: Common Lead Poisoning Misconceptions Explained

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Lead poisoning is a process that takes place when there is a build-up of lead inside the human over a long period. Lead is a type of metal that can be found in nature and it exists in water, soil & air. Back in the 1970s, multiple laws around the world were passed to reduce the overall amount of lead usage in the products that we use daily such as paints, cosmetics and so on. 

Lead is extremely toxic because it can spread within your body and cause multiple health issues. It can affect every organ inside your body. That’s why, to help you understand more about the lead poisoning process, we are busting some crazy myths that people tend to have against lead poisoning.

Common Myths To Know About Lead Poisoning

  • Lead Poisoning Can Only Be Found In Low-Income Communities


According to professional services for lead based inspection in Waldorf, all houses that were built before the year 1978, will have some amount of lead-based paint in them. It doesn’t matter what the neighborhood is. 

  • Lots Of Lead Are Required To Cause Lead Poisoning


A small amount of lead contamination can easily giveaway to lead poisoning. Therefore, you shouldn’t care much about the quantity of lead. Rather, you should focus on ensuring that there’s no contamination at all. 

  • Only Children Are At The Risks Of Lead Poisoning


Lead can affect anyone and not just children. It can also affect adults, which is why proper precautions must be undertaken to reduce the contamination of lead. Adults can suffer from issues such as heart diseases, high blood pressure, kidney diseases, brain damages and so on. 

  • Lead Is Only Found In Paints


As we have already reiterated beforehand – lead can be found anywhere. It can be found in cosmetic products, drinking water, soil, air and so on. Therefore, lead poisoning can come from multiple different sources and you’ll never know about the same. 

  • Lead Can Be Removed From Drinking Water Using A Water Softener Only


Unless you use a water softener along with a proper water filtration system, there will be no use. Water softeners are simply not effective at removing lead from tap or drinking water. So, don’t proceed to use water softeners thinking that you can easily eliminate lead.

  • Boiling Drinking Water Reduces Lead Poisoning


You shouldn’t at all boil your water when you suspect that there’s lead present in the same. Boiling water that has lead will simply make the matters worse because it will effectively increase its overall concentration. Simply use a water filtration system for the same. 

And with that last point, we end our extensive guide on the myths of lead poisoning. We hope you enjoyed our explanations. 

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